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Statement Of Purpose




PERSONAL STATEMENT  To whom it may concern, concern, My name is Nguyen Minh Thuy, a former student majoring in Natural Resources Management in Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University. I am writ writin ing g to expr expres ess s my inte intere rest st in the the post post-g -gra radu duat ate e prog progra ram m in Sust Sustai aina nabl ble e Resources Management which is offered by Technical University University of Munich.  The dynamic relationship relationship between between humans and the Earth Earth has always captivated me. My passion and interest in environmental issues stems from my imaginary trips throughout television program during childhood ; by seeing volcanoes in Hawaii, coral reefs in Australia and glaciers in Europe, I gained an appreciation and wonder for for the the dive divers rsit ity y of our our eco eco syst system ems. s. I chos chose e to stud study y Natu Natura rall Reso Resour urce ces s Manag Manageme ement nt as my bachel bachelor or degre degree e to give give subst substanc ance e to the the issu issues es that that are are continually significant significant to me. Discovering the pollution pandemic, alternative energy and many more aspects has fuelled me with a drive to make sustainable living not only more accessible, but globally more accepted. Further study of a related degree seems to be the only way forward for me to achieve my dream. A desire to complement the broad spectrum of Environmental Studies naturally led me to the fascinating intricacy of Geology and Earth Earth Scien Sciences ces.. Here Here my scien scientif tific ic skills skills have have been been honed honed by contr controll olled ed experiments, meticulous research thus leading to statistical analysis and debating ethical issues. Besides, Academic English for Environment and Geographic Studies was obviously important knowledge which provided me not only the capability to understand foreign documentaries and summarize them logically but it is also a vital to catalyze catalyze understand understanding ing and unity. Furtherm Furthermore, ore, Reading Reading and analyzing analyzing resear research ch papers papers and books books and subseq subsequen uently tly prese presenti nting ng data data in a persua persuasiv sive e manner which gained throughout 4 years of completing numerous research papers and and pres presen enta tati tion ons s gave gave me a tast taste e of inde indepe pend nden entt stud study, y, as well well as time time mana manage geme ment nt skil skills ls to pres preser erve ve my othe otherr comm commit itme ment nt and and let let me achi achiev eve e scholarships for almost semesters. On the other hand, I used to be a Vice President at an student-run environmental club from the mid 2011 to the end of 2012, experiences in organizing and designing designing contents contents as well as marketing marketing campaign campaign for differen differentt activitie activities s like workshop workshops, s, events, seminars related to Sustainability topic. In the first of 2012, we implemented COC project. This is a tree planting in conjunction with environmental education for primary pupils. This experience gave me an unique opportunity to apply my studies to a real life situation and, vitally, help sew the seed of  environmental conservation to the young generation. Moreover, participating in student organizations has given me the chance to meet and deal with daily problems thus enhanced my teamwork, problem solving, time managing and also my leadership skills, improving my ability to listen and understands others' opinions, communication effectively, exchange facts and opinions based on my study in order to accomplish and improve process quality. I chose to study abroad, in Technical University of Munich among the other thousands of alternatives, because it is my strong belief that your university will enlarge my vision and will enhance my knowledge. Centuries of tradition and wellstructured courses have led to a series of future top environmental experts and managers. I believe study in one of the top German Universities will be an opportunity for me to develop not only academic knowledge, but also as a personality. Additionally, the German education system is well known for not only its effective structure and innovative policy developments, but also the lifestyle which is admired by many other countries. It definitely the next logical step in my intercultural education and an excellent investment for my future professional career in the environmental sector. I cannot wait to be in a community where my enthusiasm is shared by experts who have the knowledge, resources and experience to help me flourish. For the future, my vision is to use my degree to contribute to solve one of the most challenging problems – the difference between the government’s policy and the real benefits to the public, especially in the rural areas. I believe that this is the duty of  not only government, the managers but also every single person to concern and solving it, so that natural resources will be used more efficiently. After graduating from TUM, I want to come back to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s sustainability. The experiences and the extensive knowledge which was established during my study in Germany will bring me a huge advantage for my future career.  Thank you for your kind consideration to my application. I am looking forward to your acceptance.  Yours sincerely, Nguyen Minh Thuy