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Supplemental Reviewer To The Bjmp Penology Officer Examination




Supplemental Reading to the 2012 BJMP Penology Officer Exam by J/SINSP Michelle Ng-Bonto, Legislative Liaison Officer, BJMP

-NHQ. 26 July 2012.

Supplemental Reading includes restraining holds, come along holds, Lockdown – is a situation where the inmates,
to the 2011 BJMP Penology Officer Examination pain compliance holds and blows with feet and whether in whole or in part, control the jail
fists. Generally, this requires skill of the jail facility.
A. ON THE USE OF FORCE AND RUBBER officer using it, such as martial arts.
BULLETS: Lockdown of the whole jail facility – is a situation
Chemical /Electrical /Inflammatory agents (CEI) - where the inmates control the whole facility.
Rubber Bullets & Rubber-Coated Bullets - are generally non-deadly force when used
considered lethal munitions as it can cause appropriately to restrain inmates. E.g. Oleoresin Lockdown of a portion of the jail facility – is a
damage and injury similar to regular bullets. Its Capsicum (OC) pepper spray, pepper gun, tear situation where inmates control a portion of the
usage should only be resorted to on incidents gas, aerosol, mace, stun gun, taser etc. jail facility.
requiring deadly force mentioned in the SOP on
the Use of Force and Weapons. Impact weapons – are non-deadly force generally Noise Barrage – a situation where inmates create
used to temporarily incapacitate an inmate such loud, unpleasant sounds in order to express
Safe range of firing rubber & rubber-coated as pro-batons and night sticks. their demands and grievances over issues
bullets – the official safe range is at least 40 usually related to the management of jail such
meters. This minimum range must dilligently No Force – is a part of the use of force continuum, as low quality of food, demand for visitation
observed when these bullets are used. where no force is used because the situation privileges, poor leadership of the jail Warden
does not call for it. The presence of the jail etc.
Deadly Force - a force that would create a officers and verbalization techniques are instead
substantial risk of causing death or serious resorted to. Hostile act - an act or attack or other use of force by
bodily harm such as the threatened use of a an inmate or inmates against other inmate/s,
firearm. Non-deadly force can also escalate into Presence – is the authority figure of jail officers and visitor/s, jail personnel, jail properties and
deadly force when directed towards fatal part of their mere presence may be enough to cause facilities,
the body, usually, the last resort in the use of compliance from the inmates.
force continuum. Hostile intent - the threat on the imminent use of
Verbal Containment – acts resorted to, which force by an inmate against other inmate/s,
Non-deadly Force - is the use of physical force includes negotiation, persuasion and/or visitor/s, jail personnel, jail properties , facilities
towards an inmate with any device other than verbalization that is resorted to when the mere and against jail security.
deadly force or firearm designed to temporarily presence of jail officers is not enough to contain
incapacitate an inmate. Non-deadly force can be the situation requiring him to give orders to Immediate Danger - is a situation of high probability
classified into three: physical contact, ensure compliance by the inmates. that a hazard, condition or activity caused by an
chemical/electrical and other inflammatory inmate or group of inmates will likely cause
agents and impact weapons. Rescue – is the act of taking away of an inmate injury to themselves or to others; may pose
through the use of force, threat or intimidation hazard/harm to health, jail facilities and security
Physical contact or weaponless control – is non- while said inmate is inside the jail facility or while and is likely to exist or occur almost immediately
deadly force generally used by jail officers to In transit. without warning.
restrain inmates without the use of any weapon
to incapacitate or immobilize inmates. This

carried out. firearm with the purpose of causing a positive change ideals of the organization and to the public that it in a person's behavior. Bilis Aksyon Partner – counterpart Action Officer of Comparatively at Par.a written order of the court or civilian. a person being held for confinement to cause a person to stop fleeing. BJMP MANUAL DEFINITION OF TERMS: delivery of quality services serious permanent disfigurement. Efficiency. threat the CSC under the Mamamayan Muna program difference or gap between point scores of and intimidation by inmates is directed against in every agency. 474. Imminent Danger – any condition or practice in a place of employment where such a danger Maximum Tolerance – highest degree of restraint BJMP Core Values – Commitment. or protracted loss or impairment of the function of bodily Award – Monetary or non – monetary recognition Self-Discipline . 3. held by inmate/s as a guarantee that by (1)entrance based on merit & fitness (2) any other competent authority consigning an certain actions or promises will or will not be opportunity for advancement to high career inmate to jail or prison for confinement. B. conferred to an individual/group for ideas. Personnel Selection and Promotion Board. etc. jail personnel or Career Service – Positions in the CSC characterized Commitment Order . civilian or any jail personnel. pursuant to CSC MC No. Self- cause death or serious physical harm hostile inmate/s. Discipline. the ability to act regardless of member or organ. computed on a monthly or annual basis. 2 . Base Pay . candidates for appointment established by the fellow inmate.a large scale disorganized brawl or combat allowances. inmate to fellow inmate. accomplishments. records of inmates.mastery of important skills for substantial risk of death or that causes death. hostile act .otherwise known as “inmate record or Use of Proportional Force – use of force reasonably Schedule for Uniformed Personnel for all ranks jacket”. Teamwork. Respect for exists which could reasonably be expected to that the jail personnel shall observe in dealing with Human Rights.bodily injury that creates a Efficiency/Competence. excluding fringe benefits and other Commitment –entrusting for confinement of an Riot . Teamwork – the combined effective action of all the harm and injury threatened or inflicted by personnel. positions (3) security of tenure.Predetermined reasonable Assault – is a situation where violence. is the intentional discharge of a Commitment – strong sense of dedication to the procedures. gravity of danger. necessary to resist resulting to BJMP’s Organizational Productivity. heroic deed and alike. exemplary behavior. emotional state or the ability to withstand undue suggestions. jail officer and civilian. to cause a person inside the jail either for an offense charged or for to drop a weapon. and unjust influences. BJMP-NHQ.a fixed amount of compensation for regular work rendered. Competence. rights of our fellow human beings Serious bodily injury. Hostage/s – may be an inmate. Legislative Liaison Officer. or reasonably appears to be. 1994. immediately or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated through the Warning Shot . designated in the Salary Carpeta . violent crowd. Supplemental Reading to the 2012 BJMP Penology Officer Exam by J/SINSP Michelle Ng-Bonto. 26 July 2012. inventions. S. A warning shot could be fired serves Inmate . logical and proportionate to the provided under National Budget Circular No. to gain the attention of a potentially Respect for Human Rights – promote and protect the safekeeping purposes. Principle of Necessity – use of only such force as is. it contains the personal and criminal necessary . inmate to a jail by competent court or authority between inmates due to long standing conflict. Series of 2001.

transgresses laws and ordinances passed by Entities authorized to Commit Persons in Jail – proper and noble. Supreme Court. Congress of the Philippines. assigned special tasks. trial and/or transfer to the National Penitentiary.. contrivance. Regional Trial Court. Board of Pardon and Parole and and/or violent mentally ill person who endangers other administrative bodies as may be Grievance Machinery – is a system or method of him/herself or the safety of others. Sandiganbayan. provided they meet the jail or prison authorities to receive inmates for municipalities who are awaiting or undergoing minimum requirements of the position. Municipal Trial Courts. competent authority and is temporarily confined Meritorious Service – praiseworthy execution of in jail while undergoing or awaiting investigation.a facility or a place of confinement for selection rate for the other gender in equivalent seal and the signature of the judge.. and is not allowed to work alone nor Contraband . Regional Trial Courts. Conspicuous – Accomplishment. schooling/training and experience or exposure in accomplishment with discernible beginning and the field of physical/natural sciences and other completed to a desired end. exercise any authority over other prisoners. Court of Appeals. Detainee . trial or serving sentence for a term of one(1) day to three (3) years. Bureau of discontentment or dissatisfaction. Legislative Liaison Officer. duly certified authorized by law. handcuffs. Grievance – refers to work-related issues that caused detained awaiting or undergoing investigation or Commission on Elections. any fugitive from justice.a place of confinement for city and municipal Metropolitan Trial Courts.refers to the Supreme Court. Although he/she may be position or function performed within a short period of time. Congress of or prisoner.refers to a person who violates or or service showing a sense of what is right.g. trial. tool rank of Jail Inspector and above. he/she has no special privileges. Supplemental Reading to the 2012 BJMP Penology Officer Exam by J/SINSP Michelle Ng-Bonto. item. 3 .a warrant issued by a court bearing its District Jail . Immigration.any article. when referring to ranks. Hiring Quota – predetermined ratio of applicants for duties and within a period of time. Jail . determining the best way to address the specific as such by the proper medical or health officer. Inmate . or instrument used to hold back. or final judgment.the generic term used to refer to a detainee Officer . cause (s) of grievance. 26 July 2012.the act of unlawfully getting out from Court of Appeals. behavior or deed clearly distinguished beyond superior Heroism – specific act of bravery or outstanding Jail Aide . keep in check or control inmates. directing the inmates coming from a city or clustered positions at every level. Escape . appointment to ensure that one gender does not fall short of the desired percentage of the Mittimus . of the inmate who requires less supervision performance of normal duties inherent to one’s courage of closely related series of heroic acts than other prisoners. law and/or forbidden by jail rules that would refers to the field of expertise and special skills pose as security hazards or endanger the lives acquired through formal and non-formal Meritorious Achievement – praiseworthy of inmates.a person who is accused before a court or disciplines needed by the BJMP. or thing prohibited by Highly Specialized and Technical Qualification .in general refers to all uniformed personnel Metropolitan/Municipal Trial Court. Competent Authority .a device. however. Instrument of Restraint . BJMP-NHQ. the Philippines. custody or service of sentence imposed therein. confinement or custody by an offender. pending transfer to a mental institution. prisoners. competent authorities in the Philippines. or person Sandiganbayan. Honorable – praiseworthy accomplishment of duties Offender . All other admin bodies the term officer shall refer to those holding the authorized to commit persons in jail. e.

one who is sentenced to a prison city and municipal jails. Rehabilitation . Directors. awarded to an individual who rendered service with the Bureau under certain Reformation . Executive Eligibility (CSEE). him/her a law-abiding citizen after serving Third Level Positions – requires a Career Service his/her sentence. Regional Director .a branch of criminology dealing with jail within its jurisdiction covering provincial jail Superior Qualifications – refer to outstanding and management and administration of inmates. city the merit and fitness of a person on the basis of and municipal jails within its territorial qualifications and ability to perform the duties Top Management – refers to the BJMP’s Command jurisdiction. and responsible for the attainment and training appropriate for the work to be Prisoner . and that Deputy Chiefs. Legislative Liaison Officer. qualifications for a position which shall include competent applicants for consideration to a vacancy. experience. and removal or correction of an abuse. allocation. salary grade. BJMP. Deputy Chief’s for Administration and Operations and the Chief Qualification Standards – a statement of minimum Selection Line – Up – Listing of qualified and Directorial Staff. Penology . education. Regional Provincial Jail Administrator .one who is sentenced to a prison Service Eligibility CES (E). administrative and operational control over its arrangements of positions from highest to lowest. which shall be a guide in determining which positions Provincial Prisoner . safety or care.a program of activity directed to classification and functional relationship of positions restore an inmate’s self-respect and sense of and geographical location.a BJMP office which has System of Ranking Positions (SRP) – hierarchical term of three (3) years and one (1) day to death. thereby making of one (1) day to three (3) years.refers to the official duly attached to a bar equipped with suitable attaching designated to head the BJMP Regional Office to device. composed of the Chief. Insular Prisoner . and other requirements. Safekeeping . educational municipal jails. and officers of Jail Administrator’s Office to oversee the Selection – the systematic method of determining equivalent rank requiring the same eligibility. a wrong or error.the temporary custody of a person for Officer Eligibility such as bureau Directors. administrator’s offices and district. Group. or Career Executive term of one (1) day to six (6) amend or improve by change of conditions within definite period of time. duly designated to head the BJMP Provincial Chiefs of Health and Legal Services.refers to the official of the community from him/her. BJMP-NHQ. in major areas of responsibility. Regional Directors. (3) who is sentenced to a prison term responsibility to the community. Service Ribbon . Supplemental Reading to the 2012 BJMP Penology Officer Exam by J/SINSP Michelle Ng-Bonto. oversee the implementation of jail services 4 .a ribbon identical with the suspension ribbon of the service medal it represents. city and relevant work accomplishments. form or removal of faults or abuses. City Prisoner . CS eligibility. 26 July 2012. provincial jail administrator’s offices and inmate who is convicted by final enforcement of laws and regulations governing filled. includes exceptional job mastery and potential judgment and classified as follows: its mandated functions. and responsibilities of the positions. implementation of jail services of all district. Directorates. Asst. Chief of Directorial who is sentenced to a prison Regional Office . training. Career Executive Municipal Prisoner . is next-in-rank taking into consideration the term of six (6) months and one (1) day to three organizational structure. Breau his/her own protection. Service Medal .