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T5 Term Test Unit 1





Term Test 1 Name: Class: L i s tening Score: 1 CD1 25 Liste n  to an iin nter view   and circle the correct answ ers. Lucy lives in … a Cambridge. b Sydney. c Oxford. Lucy never  uses  uses her … when she’s going to work. a  hone b satnav takes hotos  hotos with her …   She takes a webcam. b camera. Lucy usually goes … Lucy usually a surfing. c !"#  !"# layer   layer   hone.. c hone b swimming. c cycling.   She goes running … a on !onday morning. b on Saturday and Sunday. c every day. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014 Page 1 5 $1 CD1 Liste n  and draw lines from the names to the people in the picture. There’s one name you don’t need to use. 26 6  %ick   %ic k  &en 'an (im )race &ill "at # 27 Liste n and complete the sentences with one word. *he girl is calling about classes. *here’s a class every *uesday and +t the weekend, the class -ach *he girls needs a *he changing room is on the 6 during the week. at one o’clock. costs /./0. and a  bottle of water. floor. Term Test 1 Name: Class: Re ading Score:  Read and write  Sam  May or  Li ly ly. live in London, but every 3riday afternoon 2 take the train to Oxford. !y grandmother lives there and 2 always stay with her at the weekend. 2t takes about an hour to get there so 2 usually usually lay  lay games on my video games  unting g on the river  console or listen to music on my !"#  layer. 2n summer, 2 go  untin Cherwell. 2t’s like canoeing, but you stand u on the boat and use a long stick. 2 go with my friends and it’s fun4 !am: 2 "ay: 2’m from +ustralia and my hometown is &risbane, about 500 km away from Sydney. 6hen 2 haven’t got school and the weather is good, 2 always take my surfboard and go to the beach. !y brot  brother her has got a car and he surfs too, so we usually go together. 6hen it’s winter, 2 wear a secial suit. 2’ve got a camera 2 can use in the water and 2 ut it on my surfboard. 2t takes ama7ing videos4 !y best friend lives in Sydney. She often visits me in summer. Lily: !y dad teaches maths at Oxford 8niversity so we live here now, but 2’m from weekend end in the summer we usually go cycling London. 9e works a lot,  but at the week watch the boats racing together. -verybody has got a bicycle in Oxford4 2 always watch in summer and 2’m so hay when the Oxford team wins4 2’ve got family in +ustralia, but we never visit them. 2t’s too far away4 6e go to the mountains in 3rance in winter and 2 usually ski and snowboard all day. doesn’t travel to visit family. does different sorts in summer and winter . uses a gadget when he’s:she’s on  ublic transort. uses a gadget when he’s:she’s doing sort. does a sort in the snow. doesn’t do sort with a family member. 6 /1 Read and write T #true$ F #false$ or  DS #doesn’t say$. 6 *here is a huge rock in the middle of +ustralia known in -nglish as ;+yers ;+yers metres high4 &ut what’s ama7ing is that there’s more of it. Some  eole say the rock goes $./ kilometres underground, but nobody really knows. *o walk around 8luru you need to  be ?uite fit  because it’s ten kilometres. *ourists sometimes climb to the to, but it isn’t a very good idea because +borigines don’t like it. 8luru is very imortant to them and they never climb it or touch it. -very day there are lots of  eole looking at a t the rock and taking ictures of it. +bout 100,000 visitors come to 8luru every year. *hey usually visit 8luru in the evening or very early in the morning to see the beautiful colours on the rock. 6hen the sun goes u in the morning or goes down before it’s dark, 8luru turns bright orange and red. *here are two names for this big rock. 8luru is the biggest rock in the world. 6e can’t see art of 8luru. *ourists don’t like climbing the rock.  eole le a day visit 8luru. 100,000 eo 8luru’s colours are bright early in the afternoon. © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014 Page 5 inter view and complete the sentences with one word. = Read the in 'aisy is a "ilates instr u ctor . She works at schools and local gyms. *e ll us, 'aisy, what exa c tly is "il a t [email protected] &aisy: 2t ’s a tye of exercise that he   ls you be flexible and strong. Aou  build y ou r muscles and learn to breathe. *her e a r e different tyes of exercises and to do the m you need to have good  b a la nce. [email protected] %nterview er: 2s it aerobic exer cis &aisy:  %o, not really. 2n  class, my students lie or sit on the floor. 6e sometimes sta nd ,  but not very often. 2t sounds easy,  but it isn’t. %nterviewer: Can anyone do "ila [email protected] &aisy: 2t ’s very good for older  eole  bones strong, but b ut it  because it makes their  bones also hels younger eole who work a lot  back. 2 tea ch and have roblems with their  back. "ilates to young children at school and they love it4 %nterview er: %nterview er: 6hat do need to sta r t "il a [email protected] &aisy: 6ell, we often use a big ball a nd weights, but 2 don ’t  ask my students to  buy these. *hey only need to  buy a mat to si t or lie on. %nterview er: &e ca use  a mat is softer th a n the f loo r4 &aisy: Aes, th a t ’s r igh t. %nterview er: La st ?uestion, 'aisy. Can 2 do "ilates every da [email protected] &aisy: Aes, you can,  but 2 don ’t think it ’s a very good idea. *he  body needs a  brea  break. k. 2 do "ilates three times a week  B !ondays, 6ednesdays and 3ridays B and 2 rest on ys.. 3or  beg inn er s, *ue sda ys and *hu r sd a ys two lessons a week is enough. k you, you, 'aisy isy.. %nterview er: *h a nk  "ilates hels you correctly. 2t’s imortant to have good to do "ilates. 2n "ilates, you don’t often . "ilates is good when your hurts. 'aisy’s students need to  buy a . &eginners should do "ilates © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014 2 6 a week. Page 6 Term Test 1 Name: Class: 'ri t ing Score:  and complete the sentences with the present continuous form of the verbs in brac( ets. L oo ( Sally [awtermtest1W1.1musicgirl] 8 DlistenE  butt she to music,  bu DuseE headhones. *hey [awtermtest1W1.2snowboar bo!s] the DsurfE in sea. *hey DsnowboardE in DsnowboardE  in the mountains. *om [awtermtest1W1."la#to#bo!] a webcam. 9e DuseE his DuseE  his  en drive. $)& 2 [awtermtest1W1.$#%otogirl] [in s#eec% bubble] DtakeE a  hoto with my tablet. DtakeE a 2 DuseE my DuseE  my camera. DuseE Term Test 1 'ri t ing Name: Class: Score: >1 )rder and write the *uestions. stowatch : [email protected] : teacher : use : 'oes : your : a : in [email protected] : you : calculator : 'o : you you : a : use : when : are in : skiing : 'o : go : you : [email protected] : usually sometimes : [email protected] : 'o : friends : go : your : scuba $ 5 Loo ( and read. 'rite short answ ers. 'oes it take [email protected] 2s he  laying [email protected] 'o you always go surfing in [email protected] +re they charging the  [email protected] 2s Sarah laying Sarah  laying [email protected] 5 1 Read and complete the sentences. There  are four w ords you don’t need to use 0 1 charger h ear t satnav b loo d oxyge n conso le lungs he adhon e s tab let  ums blood 6hen you do aerobic exercise your around your  body. !y friends and 2 usually lay usually  lay games on a video games at the weekend. *he  blood in your  body carries 2 need a new Aour © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014 . for my digital camera. hel you  brea  breathe. the. Page 1& 5 11 Co mple te  each sentence with the correct word. usually in summer. 2 9e doesn’t Dgoes : goE to the beach and waterFski Duse : usedE a lato to do his homework. +re !ike and "eter laying laying [email protected] Aes, 'oes your mobile hone take [email protected] Ae Aes, s, it 2’m 11 Read about )scar. 5 Dhe : theyE are. Dis : doesE. Disn’t : notE kayaking, 2’m sailing. The n write about you. $ 9ello4 !y name is Oscar. 2’m from +ustralia. 2 always go surfing with my friends on Saturday mornings. 2 sometimes go during the week, too, but 2 usually have to do my homework. 2 use a calculator and a tablet to do my homework. &ye4 8 'otal test scor e: 7& Term Test 1 Name: Class: !pea(ing Score: 1# 1 Loo ( at the gadgets. 'hat do they help you do+ ,ow often do you use each ga dge t+ $ #  / 1 'hat do you usually do at the wee(end+ &escribe the pictures using adverbs of f re*uency. 1 $ # 1 1&