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Talk Tile November 2012




talk TILE NOVEMBER 2012 Welcome to ‘Tile Talk’ a magazine dedicated to our trade professionals. We have plenty of exciting things planned for the future to help keep We have plenty with of exciting things New you up-to-date our industry. planned for the future to help keep products, trends, styles, you up-to-date with our industry. ideas.. New products, trends, and styles. You can read about new products, get some great ideas and much, much You can read about new products, more! get some great ideas, and much much more! contents Iris is a smooth subtle design that has beautiful elongated proportions. The 200 x 600mm dimensions we see as an emerging size that will be embraced for its ability to visually lengthen rooms. Team this with the luscious flowing lines of the structured decoration; it’s sure to make some hearts race. 4 iris Iris comes in 4 colours and structured decoration in a 200 x 600mm size. They will match our upcoming Luxor floor range, and will tone in with other current floor ranges. They are rounded edge ceramic wall tiles. 5 subway & manhattan 6 Subway specifications Manhattan specifications Size: 152 x 76 x 9.5mm Size: 152 x 76 x 8mm Colours: Colours: White gloss Eggshell gloss Cocoa Shell gloss Dove gloss Malt gloss Mink gloss Green Grey gloss Decor8 is pleased to offer a complete collection of historically authentic Manhattan and Subway tiles in 12 modern and classic colours. Colours can be installed individually or mixed and matched to create a completely custom ceramic subway tile design. Tiles are 152 x 76mm and recreate the refined simplicity and elegant functionality for bathrooms or kitchens. These items are all Display Category B, so if you are not a super showroom you can choose if you would like to display them. White gloss Black gloss White bevel Black bevel * White bevel also comes in a 199 x 76 x 8mm size. 7 calm & motion bathroomware Introducing 2 new exclusive series of vanities... Calm and Motion. They are featured in our Oct Dec 2012 Sale Catalogue. 8 Features: - Stunning hi-tech mirror gloss engineered stone low profile top Finger pull draw with hidden cosmetic draw inside 750, 900 and 1200mm sizes all One Tap Hole Motion has a stunning door fascia pattern, which replicates our Acoustic series - Calm has the solid fascia suttor bathroomware Here’s what we have been needing! A new range of square, sleek and minimalist mixers and accessories with a matching wall shower and hand shower, and even a kitchen sink mixer. When you get a chance log in and check out the amazing pricing we’ve got for these items. Available in October and featured in our Oct - Dec Sale Catalogue. These are so “must have” items for every store. The accessories are a high polish stainless steel, yes that’s right - stainless steel! 9 everstone 10 11 everstone There are 4 gorgeous new boards full of bling and delectable decoration. Please be advised There are 4 gorgeous new boards full of bling and delectable decoration. 12 13 Maxxi Bluestone is Bluestone to the max! I want you to squint at this picture and imagine incredible sparkle and reflection of the lappato but also diving into the depth of the design as if the slab was real stone. It’s sophisticated; while coordinating well with a minimal scheme. montage 20 Montage items were released in the last edition of MNews. These stunning lineal mosaics are the final 2 items. The 450 x 900mm size has a mighty impact, as it replicates a hefty slab of stone. We are now introducing a 150 x 600mm size as this is a size that is in demand. The range comes in 3 different finishes; all glass, all stone and stone and glass combinations. The Montage series is the 2nd ‘affordable’ product range that Southern Cross Ceramics is releasing to the market this year; Folio being the first. The 300 x 600mm size has a slip resistance of R11 and is suitable for uncovered outdoor areas. The matt 450 x 600mm and 150 x 600mm sizes are R10, and the lappato 450 x 900mm is an R9. Maxxi is a rectified glazed porcelain with a wear rating of 5. Suitable for commercial applications. maxxi bluestone 14 The range of designs in the Montage range varies from simple squares to more contemporary interlocking formats. light grey We have seen this light grey tile before in a 600 x 600mm size. It has taken off so fast that we have added another size! It has soft swirls and contrasting movement to create a gentle pattern. The light grey polished porcelain is full bodied and rectified 300 x 600mm. It has a wear rating of 5 and a slip resistance of R9. It is in the Rep’s silver range. 15 Quantum matches many of our contemporary floor tile colours; such as our new Rhythm, Rhyme, and also our ever popular Belga, and Euphoria. It’ modular to keep in line with popular wall tile sizes, 300 x 600mm, 200 x 400mm, 200 x 300mm etc. You can use them as a vertical strips, on the bath hob or even full feature walls! There are 5 designs ranging from timber look to stone look, and 2 of the designs incorporate a beautiful lustre finish! quantum 16 17 Whisper is like a breath settling over a tile. Cloudy wisps that convey a classic design. Who would have thought that thinner tiles could have so much impact? Our other Rectified 300 x 600mm wall tiles are all 10mm thick. Environmentally there are quite a few benefits, for example: less weight in shipping container, and using fewer raw materials for same result. These 8mm wall tiles have many advantages on a practical level. It matches the thickness of the majority of wall decoration; which means laying them with decoration is so much easier! They are gloss or satin ceramic wall tiles with rectified edges. They come in white and also ivory gloss. thinner walls Do you agree it looks expensive? I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the price. whisper Whisper is a double charged polished porcelain that comes in 2 sizes: 600 x 600mm and 298 x 600 mm. travertine 18 19 sidewalk step tread Step out in style with the accessory to walk all over! Sidewalk has quickly become an essential part of our range, and this step tread rounds off the range so nicely. The Sidewalk step tread lives on the edge... of pools and stairs! Now you can tile your alfresco down the back stairs and around the pool. It comes in the same 5 colours as the Sidewalk range we know well and is a full bodied porcelain, in a 300 x 300mm size. It has an R11 slip resistance and a wear rating of 4. 20 21 Brooklyn is a range that is comfortable yet conscious of its looks. It’s loose, playful design creates a road for your eye to travel down. It enthusiastically embraces its blend of stone and wood. Any present-day scheme would welcome and readily adopt Brooklyn for its personality and adaptability. We have a feature with a gorgeous cityscape design in product development; this will be released early next year. Brooklyn is a rounded edge 300 x 600mm glazed porcelain floor tile with a wear rating of 3. It has 3 colours, and is manufactured as a digital ink jet design with 12 different tile faces. brooklyn 22 23 paxos rhodes kos crete 24 All throughout history you can see the use of stone and marble displayed in all its glory. It is a universal icon for affluence. These ranges have a gloss ceramic rectified 300 x 600mm wall tile, and a satin floor tile with a wear rating of 2. Suitable for low traffic areas only. The bathroom has become an integral part of a house, a place for sanctuary and spa like pampering. Surround yourselves with luxury of the ages; of Better Than Travertine Crete and Paxos, Better Than Carrara Rhodes, or an economical Marfil Kos. Crete, Paxos, and Rhodes are Better Than designs and they have approximately 20 different tile faces. stone for bathrooms 25 horm Bring all the style and sophistication of the city lifestyle and infuse it all into a tile range and what do you get? Horm literally radiates edgy urban chic. It has a directional concrete design that has all the delectable detail of a concrete slab. Horm is a full bodied porcelain tile with a slight rounded edge. It comes in 307 x 615mm size, with a textured partner that achieves an R12 slip resistance rating. Horm is also a digital inkjet tile that has an incredible 64 different faces! 26 27 fossil Fossil’s characteristics come from the highly sought after natural product, Bluestone. bluestone Its natural elegance is amplified by a linear styling to become a bold statement, especially when design is laid crosshatched across a floor or wall. Fossil is a full bodied digital inkjet design, the 307 x 615mm size has 58 faces, and the 615 x 615mm size has 29 faces. It has a wear rating of 5, and a slip resistance of the textured version is R12. 28 29 astilla 30 Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! How much character can you fit into one series? It has a becomingly witty personality and bold imperfect beauty. The design of timber packaging is nothing short of ingenious. We’ve seen ink jet used to replicate styles that are worn, aged and raw, but not anything recycled! It’s been revived and has far exceeded its former life as pallets or packaging boxes! The body tile is gorgeous, a spectacular aged timber that takes full advantage of digital inkjet technology with 57 different faces! Far out! Astilla has a glorious array of colours that needs to be laid randomly. It now comes in 2 colourways: Elm, and the previously released Oak. The plank size of 150 x 900mm is the finishing touch to make absolutely sure we believe the timber illusion. It is a rectified glazed porcelain tile with a wear rating of 4. The textured version achieves a slip resistance of R11. 31 Cementum is a modern rustic of epic proportions! One of the leading interior floor trends is now cement look. This range has so much character you will drool all over it. cementum If you look closely they have used individual quirks from real aged terracotta in its design to bring the look to a new level.We are planning to add decoration to this range in the near future, so watch this space! Cemetum is a rounded edge glazed porcelain 450 x 450mm floor tile. It uses digital ink jet with 4 faces in each glorious colour: Bianco, Ash, Grey and Smoke. It is also featured in our Better Than Concrete range. 32 33 80 stores Australia wide. There’s one near you.