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The Healthy Librarian: Cultivating Wellness In The Workplace

The Healthy Librarian: Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace Michelle Eberle Consumer Health Information Coordinator




Title: The Healthy Librarian: Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace 1 The Healthy Librarian Cultivating Wellness in the WorkplaceMichelle Eberle Consumer Health Information Coordinator 2 Educational ObjectivesKnow why workplace wellness matters Learn the difference between workplace wellness and a health promoting work culture Gain valuable tools to enhance workplace wellness in the following areas nutrition, ergonomics, stress management, exercise, and fitness Leave feeling rejuvenated with creative ideas to make your library a health promoting workplace 3 (No Transcript) 4 (No Transcript) 5 Brainstorming ExercisePair up. With your partner, brainstorm the following What can we do on an organizational level to create a health promoting work place? What can we do on an individual level to create a health promoting work place? 6 Nashoba Valley Chronicle Friday, June 8, 2007 7 QuestionWhy does workplace wellness matter? 8 Cost of unhealthy workplaceAbsenteeism Accidents Rising drug costs Turnover Reduced job commitment and satisfaction Higher healthcare and health related costs Lost productivity 9 A healthy workplace Increased productivity Fewer sick/ personal days Higher job satisfaction and morale Better staff retention 10 Tips for a healthy workplaceHelp connect people with what matters most to them Create a sense of purpose, competition and camaraderie Make sure your initiatives are highly visible Remember leaders need to be role models (Harvey 2005) 11 What makes a health promoting workplace?Good coworker communication Work family balance Job security Good supervision Friendly helpful coworkers Trust (Lowe 2004) 12 Guiding Principles for Healthy Workplace Supportive culture and values trust based! Leadership Broad definition of health Participative team approach Customized plan Link to strategic goals Ongoing support Evaluation and communication (Lowe 2004) 13 Example of a small scale workplace wellness initiative 14 Nutrition / health check tools Portion Distortion Calculator / NHLBI 15 Library ErgonomicsGuidelines Head / neck basics Eye basics Monitor Hand / wrist basics Keyboard / mouse Chair Work surface Leg room / footrest Exercise/ breaks http// 16 UCLA Ergonomics http// Highlights Neck stretch Overhead reach Shoulder pinch Chair rotation Back stretch Others neck rolls, shoulder rolls, wrist circles, front bend Variation on the chair rotation cross leg for an added stretch 17 Quick tipTake a mini-break.. 20/20/20 rule Every 20 minutes for 20 seconds look at least 20 feet away. Give you eyes some much needed rest! 18 tipsthe reference interview 19 The four step approachStep one STOP Step two BREATHE Step three REFLECT Step four CHOOSE Spatz, Michele. Answering Consumer Health Questions. New York Neal Schuman Publishers, Inc. 2008. 20 Stress in the workplaceDealing with emotional patrons/coworkers Present a calm appearance Speak softly Speak in a non-provocative manner Put space between yourself and the other Show respect Avoid intense eye contact and authoritarian stance Facilitate talking Listen carefully Avoid early interpretation Do not make promises you can not keep. Tips from Library Services in Mental Health Settings (Johnson ME 1997) 21 Relaxation ResponseProcess Two steps Repetition of a word, sound, phrase, prayer or muscular activity Passive disregard of everyday thoughts that inevitably come to mind and the return to your repetition. For more information http// 22Relaxation Exercise 23 ResilienceWhat is it? How can we cultivate it? How can it help us in our professional lives? American Psychological Association The road to resilience 24 10 ways to build resilienceMake connections Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable problems Accept that change is a part of living Move towards your goals Take decisive action Look for opportunities for self discovery Nurture a positive view of yourself Keep things in perspective Maintain a hopeful outlook Take care of yourself Source APA, The Road to Resilience 25 ExerciseQuick tip Promise yourself at least 15 minutes a day! Thats the least you can do! Take mini-breaks/stretch! Recommended guidelines for exercise At least 30- 60 minutes a day! 26 Exercise health check tools. 27 Know your benefits/ rightsHuman Resources Benefits Employee Assistance Programs American with Disabilities Act Family Medical Leave Act US Equal Opportunity Commission 28 Roles for librariansDevelop a workplace wellness collection for your staff / institution Offer workplace wellness and health information programs Set the example for a well workplace with healthy habits, behaviors and communication 29 Resources to explore 30 http// 31 (No Transcript) 32 http// 33 http// 34 (No Transcript) 35 (No Transcript) 36 http// 37 Work / Life BalanceAt work Set manageable goals each day. Be efficient with your time at work Ask for flexibility Take five Tune in Communicate effectively Give yourself a breakAt home Turn off you PDA Divide and conquer Dont over commit Get support Take advantage of the EAP Stay active Treat your body right Get help if you need it. Source Mental Health America Finding Your Balance At Work and Home 38 Set a workplace wellness goalI will contribute to making my workplace a health promoting workplace by.. __________________________________________________ ___________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________ 39 ReflectionWhat was the most useful piece of information you learned today? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _ 40Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends. Thomas Jefferson, from a letter to his daughter 41Far and away the best prize that life offers is to work hard at work worth doing. Theodore Roosevelt 42There is no joy in living with out joy in work. St Thomas Aquinas 43People rarely succeed unless they are having fun at what they are doing. Dale Carnegie 44Opportunity ISNOWHERE 45Opportunity ISNOWHERE 46 Thank You!!!Michelle Eberle Consumer Health Information Coordinator National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region University of Massachusetts Medical School (508)856-2435 / (800) 338-7657