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The Sex Muscle Workout For Men

Descrição: Find out how a simple, easy-to-learn, step-by-step workout will give you your biggest, best, most mind-blowing, toe-curling, foundation-shaking, roof-lifting orgasms ever, make you last longer in b...




A Free E-Book From 1 The Sex Muscle Workout for Men How a Simple Daily Exercise Can TurboCharge Your Sex Life and Make You Last Longer in Bed ©Goodall Copywriting 2015 Goodall Copywriting Pyewell Cottage The Green Westerham Kent TN16 1AS Great Britain You have permission to give away this e-book for free and unaltered, with your friends, website visitors, e zine and blog readers or newsletter readers. If you want your details to appear in the footer below, contact the author at the web address above to have your copy of this book personalised. You are not allowed to sell this e-book. A Free E-Book From 2 Contents Turn up the Dial on Sexual Pleasure & Performance.... The Penis........................................................................ Orgasm and Ejaculation................................................. The Exercises................................................................. Male Impotence Causes and Cures................................ Hot Sex Herbs................................................................ Testosterone & Libido.................................................... Larger Than Life – How You Can Add Inches............................................................................. Using Your Mind to Improve Your Sex Life.................. Fast Fitness.................................................................... Conclusion..................................................................... Resources....................................................................... A Free E-Book From 3 Page 4 Page 9 Page 11 Page 15 Page 19 Page 34 Page 45 Page 49 Page 62 Page 65 Page 86 Page 87 Turning Up the Dial on Sexual Pleasure and Performance Woody Allen once said that “sex was the most fun he had had without laughing”. Sex certainly is a funny thing, both 'ha ha' funny and strange funny. If sex makes you laugh and giggle with the sheer uninhibited joy and pleasure of it all, more power to you. Sex should be fun. It's also funny strange. Let's face it, we are not long out of the trees so our primeval brains are still absolutely obsessed with sex and/or procreation. It's only natural. We will probably only become a little less preoccupied with sex when we evolve into higher beings of pure thought and energy. “Life but not as we know it” as Mr Spock would say. So while we still have physical bodies that bless us with this addictive pleasure, sex will always be either at the center or somewhere slightly off to the left of our lives. Yet, for thousands of years, various religions, in their quest for our hearts, minds, and souls, but never our genitals, have tried to convince us that this huge part of our existence, this undeniable biological reality, does not exist and so preached that we should deny our animalistic urges. They tried to convince us that sex is, at best, something evil to be denied and expunged from our thoughts and loins. But despite all that pious condemnation from the pulpit, here we are in the 21st century still thinking about it, talking about it and doing it as often as possible. It has only been since the latter half of the 20th century that we have finally thrown off the shackles of dogma-induced guilt and shame, embraced our baser natures and began to explore our full sexual potential and this section hopes to contribute to that exploration. A Free E-Book From 4 Let me ask you a question you might not hear from your mates down at the bar over a beer or six – unless you are all terribly drunk. How was it for you? When you last had sex or masturbated did the earth move? Was it Christmas, the 4th of July and your birthday all wrapped up in one sweet moment of ecstatic pleasure? Was the pleasure so intense, so powerful that you thought you had been wrapped up in pure joy and all-consuming mind-blowing sensation? Did you scream so loud with ecstasy that they heard you in the next town? No? If not, I am not surprised. In my research for this section I watched quite a lot of Internet videos of men doing what comes naturally, either alone or with someone else, and I noticed one thing above all others. Their orgasms seemed to be pretty much a non-event. Pleasurable? Most probably. A big relief? Most definitely. But blow-your-brains-out, eye-popping, scream-your-head-off explosive? No. Oh, there was the odd squint of pleasure, a curled lip, a quiet sigh, a twitch or two but, had you been looking at their faces from the neck up, they could just as easily have been urinating or scratching an itch. And that puzzled me until I realized the problem and found the solution. So if your climax is not all it could or should be or you would like to make it a whole lot more than it is right now, read on and find out how practicing an easy-to-learn special ‘sexercise’ in your spare time can not only make sex a lot more fun but positively out of this world. It can be achieved in as little as sex weeks using a deceptively easy-to-learn, simple and discreet technique. When you need to improve the performance of any part of our body, you exercise. Your penis is no exception! This simple A Free E-Book From 5 technique could help you to both multiply your pleasure and last longer in bed. Thousands of men have used this special exercise program to drastically improve their sex lives. They now enjoy more powerful and pleasurable orgasms and so can you if you follow this program and perform the exercises on a regular basis. If you are one of those people who will run in the opposite direction at the mere thought of having to do exercise, don’t worry. This ‘work out’ does not involve going to the gym, lifting weights, swimming lengths or pounding the streets. It’s easy to do, simple to learn and can be done anywhere either sitting down or standing up, and no-one else will know you are doing it! It's time to stop putting up with so-so sex. This section will show you how to get your biggest, best, most mind-blowing, toe curling, foundation-shaking, roof-lifting orgasms ever and exert more control over your ejaculatory response. Your sex life is about to change for the better. Imagine surprising your partner with the best sex of their and your life. No more embarrassing moments, no more disappointment and no longer do you have to worry about drifting apart due to lack of sexual satisfaction. If you are alone this book will help you take masturbation to a whole new level of intense pleasure and satisfaction. Old or young, gay or straight, these amazing benefits are permanent will last a lifetime. Sounds too good to be true? It all began some years ago when I was leafing through a 'how to' sex manual (now out of print) and came across a brief two sentence paragraph that mentioned a doctor's name and a part of the body I'd never heard of. That was it, nothing else. A Free E-Book From 6 I asked my friends if they knew about this mysterious, yet highly powerful, thing they had in their body that could change their sex lives for ever. All I got back was a blank stare. Suitably intrigued, I started doing some in-depth research in libraries, reference books and on the Internet and found out some amazing facts. The exercise that you will learn has been practiced in China and India for thousands of years. These ancient societies viewed the human body as a vessel full of life energy. In China this energy was called Qi (Chi) whilst in India it was referred to as Prana. These great philosophies also believed this mysterious energy could 'leak out' and weaken the body. So, in order to stop this energy escaping out of their orifices, they devised special techniques that strengthened the areas in and around their genitals and anus which gave them much greater muscular control down below. This enabled them to 'close up' the holes and hold in their energy for better health and a longer life. Thousands of years later, in the mid 20 th century, this same strengthening system was being taught by a Professor of Gynecology at the University Of Southern California School Of Medicine in Los Angeles to a certain group of ladies. As you may or may not know, a lady's vagina is a very muscular organ but nine months of pregnancy and the physical trauma of childbirth leaves things stretched and loose. Without much vaginal muscular control problems can arise such as incontinence and lack of sensitivity during sex. So this doctor taught them an exercise designed to tighten up the muscles in that region. These pelvic floor exercises are routinely taught in post natal classes to help women recover lost tone and strength in that area. After practicing the exercises, the doctor's patients confided to him that, as their pelvic muscles got stronger, they experienced an unforeseen, but very pleasant, side effect in the form of much A Free E-Book From 7 more powerful and intense orgasms. In some cases patients who had never had an orgasm before were now enjoying a whole new world of physical sensation. In both sexes, an orgasm is a very muscular event. The involuntary and rapid rhythmic contractions of muscles in the genital area are what produce the exquisite pleasure enjoyed during sexual climax so the stronger these ladies muscles became the bigger and stronger and more pleasurable their orgasms became too! As I hinted in the previous paragraph, it's not only women that have these special, pleasure giving 'sex muscles', men do to. I've never found out by whom or how it was that discovered that men could also perform a similar kind of exercise and enjoy the same mind-blowing benefits as women can but thousands of men around the world use this special, easy-to-learn technique to drastically improve their sex lives. They now enjoy more powerful, pleasurable orgasms and a much enhanced sex life. And you can too! But that's not all. This section will also investigate other natural ways you can permanently boost your sex life, such as increasing your libido, increasing the size of your penis and overcoming common sexual problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation without the need for drugs or surgery. Sex is about to get a whole lot more fun. Let's get started. A Free E-Book From 8 The Penis The special technique taught in this section relies on you knowing a little bit about the internal structure of your penis. It will help you understand why you are being asked to do certain things. We are going to be concentrating on the internal muscles of the penis, in particular those intimately connected with the pleasure and function of orgasm and ejaculation called the pubococcygeus (pronounced pew-bo-kok-cye-gee-us) or ‘PC’ muscle for short. The illustration on the next page shows the internal structure of the male genitals. You should note a sheath of muscle running from the anus forward toward, between the legs (the perineum) the root of the scrotum. This forms part of the PC muscle. A Free E-Book From 9 For the more scientifically minded, the PC muscle begins at the back of the pubis and from the front part of the obturator fascia, running backward horizontally along the side of the anal canal toward the coccyx and sacrum to which if finds attachment. In between the end of the vertebral column and the anus, the two PC muscles come together and form a thick, muscular layer lying on the raphé formed by the iliococcygei. The greater part of this muscle is inserted into the coccyx and into the last one or two pieces of the sacrum. In plain English what this means is that there is a sheath of muscle that runs from your anus forward in-between your legs to the base of your scrotum or balls. You may not know its there or have used it much but all that is about to change. It’s important to remember that there are no bones or muscles in the penis itself, which is made up primarily of spongy tissue that becomes engorged with blood during arousal and erection. However, two or three inches of the penis are rooted inside the body in the PC muscle. When you want to stop urinating in mid-flow it is this muscle you use to stop the flow of liquid through the urethra. If you want to control a bowel movement and tighten your anus, you are also tightening the PC muscle as both are interrelated. It is also the PC muscle that rapidly and rhythmically contracts when you orgasm and ejaculate, moving the semen up through the penis and out of the body. It is these rapid, involuntary muscular contractions during orgasm that produce the unique and pleasurable sensations experienced during ejaculation. A Free E-Book From 10 Orgasm and Ejaculation Understanding what happens in your body when you orgasm and ejaculate will help you understand why the exercise you will learn can be so effective in improving your sexual pleasure. When a man has sex or is masturbating, he eventually reaches a point of maximum sexual excitement and stimulation and feels himself ‘coming’, sometimes referred to as ‘the point of no return’. This is that short period when he feels ejaculation and orgasm are inevitable and cannot be stopped. It is then that a spinal reflex causes the rapid rhythmic contractions of the PC muscle, along with contractions of muscles in or around the anal sphincter, rectum, perineum (the area between your legs bordered by your anus at the back and your scrotum at the front), urethra and prostate gland. It is these rhythmic contractions that account for the spurting action of semen during ejaculation. At first the intervals between muscle contractions are about 0.8 seconds but these rapidly become longer and the contractions become slower with the intensity of the contractions tapering off after the first three or four initial spasms. The word ‘orgasm’ refers specifically to these sudden and rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that release accumulated sexual tension and result in an intensely pleasurable sensation. Orgasms can vary from person to person and for each individual at different times. For some it can be an explosive rush of overwhelming sensations where all inhibitions and self-control are lost. At other times and for other people it can be subtler and less intense experience. The varying intensities of orgasm can be due A Free E-Book From 11 to physical factors such as fatigue, length of time between orgasms, mood, relation to your partner and the condition of the PC muscle. Of course, orgasm is not just a pelvic event but also involves an alteration of brain wave patterns as well as the tensing of muscles in many other parts of the body. However, the chief focus of sensation for most men occurs with the intensely pleasurable contractions of the PC muscle, anal sphincter, rectum, perineum and genitals. Much like working out your biceps can give you better definition and more upper arm strength, the PC muscle can also be exercised to improve it's strength and condition. Because the muscle is so intimately connected to the pleasure of orgasm, toning up the PC can help you not only strengthen and better define your erections but also increase the pleasurable sensations experienced when coming. Discovering the Pubococcygeus Muscle Your first task is to identify and locate your own PC muscle. There are several ways of doing this. Try each one and find out which is best for you. Don’t worry if you cannot feel anything with any of the techniques, this is common in men who, with little or no previous awareness of the PC muscle, have let the muscle weaken. You may need to try longer and harder to feel the muscle but the rewards will more than repay your effort. Firstly, when you go to the toilet, try to stop the flow of urine one or more times before your bladder is empty. If you didn’t manage it the first time don’t give up; keep trying every time you visit the toilet. Even if you only manage to reduce the flow slightly, you A Free E-Book From 12 are still using the PC muscle to do so. The important thing is to feel some kind of movement, however slight, inside your body. Remember to let your bladder empty completely as normal at the end of this test. Now try repeating that feeling when you are not urinating, replicating that tightening sensation you felt in the toilet. Another test can be performed when you next have an erection. Can you make your penis jump or twitch substantially by tensing the PC muscle? Try tensing the anal sphincter muscle as if to stop a bowel movement. Does your penis twitch slightly when you do this? It should do because, as we have seen, these muscles are all connected. Make sure you only tense the muscles of your rectum and not the large muscles of your bottom or the upper muscles of your legs and thighs. A third but more invasive method could prove more effective for you. It involves gently inserting your index or middle finger just inside your anus. First wash and then lubricate your finger liberally with a waterbased lubricant such as KY Jelly and check that you do not have sharp or jagged fingernails as you could damage the delicate lining of the rectum. If necessary, clip your fingernails down before performing this test. Relax and slowly and gently insert your finger. Once your finger is inside, try tensing your anal sphincter to grip your finger. Not only should you finger be gripped but you should feel a pulling or tensing sensation running forward from your anus between your legs to what feels like the base of your scrotum. A Free E-Book From 13 Readers perform these more invasive checks at their own risk. If you don’t like the idea of inserting a finger inside yourself, put a finger or two on your perineum, the area between your legs bordered by the base of your scrotum at the front, you're anus at the back and your thighs on either side. Press down gently and try clenching your anus and see if you feel the sheath of muscle under the skin move. Again, try to keep your thigh, back and abdominal muscles relaxed. If you felt something, if only very subtly, that’s good, but if you didn’t, do not worry because you are not alone. See below for an illustration of the internal structure of the perineum. It has been found that approximately one third of the population will be unable to contract the PC muscle voluntarily or to only a small degree. If you have never been aware of this muscle before you may not have used it voluntarily in a long time, if ever, so a greater effort is needed to locate and then manipulate it. A Free E-Book From 14 Remember, the stronger your PC muscle, the more enjoyable sex will ultimately be so perseverance and patience may be needed in equal degree in the early stages. Having difficulty? The following common observations may help you decide. When you try to draw up, draw in or otherwise tense the perineum, no actual retraction occurs, instead there is a tightening of the gluteus muscles (the large muscles that make up the ‘cheeks’ of your bottom). In an effort to close the urethra while urinating, only a slight twitching is observed and the urine either slows down slightly or does not stop at all. When contracting the anus as if to stop a bowel movement, the action is limited to a puckering of the anus, and no retraction, or drawing up of the anus is felt. Do not worry if any of the above apply to you, it just indicates that your PC muscle is quite weak but will still respond, just like any other muscle, to the application of exercise. The Exercises No matter what method you use to identify your PC muscle, the key to success is learning how to repeat that tightening sensation again and again in order to tone and strengthen the muscle. Remember that you can perform these exercises at any time and anywhere because they are very discreet and involve no visible movement on the outside of your body. So now you can put all those times you are sitting in the car, bus, train or plane, on the telephone or sitting in front of the television or computer to good use. A Free E-Book From 15 Also realize that, as with any exercise program, results will not be immediate, just as bigger biceps don’t appear the first time you visit the gym. As a rough guide; allow at least six weeks or more of consistent application of the exercises before you notice any significant improvement. If you are very keen to improve your sex life and perform the exercises more frequently and with greater vigour, you could see improvements in a shorter time period. The exercises are simple and easy to do. They can be done in the privacy of your own home and learning them only takes a few minutes. You will need little or no medical help or follow up, unless you wish to involve your doctor. You will know whether they work by the results you get. The exercises may be difficult to perform at first but that is to be expected. As the weeks pass you will find you can perform them more easily and for longer than before and the tightening sensation will become progressively more apparent as the muscle gains in strength. There are many different training methods suggested from many different sources. The key is to find a regime that you feel comfortable with. In the beginning you don’t want to over-do things so begin slowly. There are no set rules or regulations to follow and what follows is merely a guideline. You could start with quick or short Kegel squeezes. As the muscle may be relatively weak, holding it in tension for too long will be difficult at first, so try to contract the muscle 20 times, using your breath as a pacing guide. Tense and breathe in on the count of one, relax and breathe out on the count of two, tense on three, relax on four etc. until you count to 40. A Free E-Book From 16 Breathe normally and squeeze as hard as you can. You may find that a tightening of the muscles in the stomach and thighs happens no matter what you do at first. This is common. But after the first few days or weeks, when you've completely isolated the muscle, these extra contractions should be hardly noticeable. Learn to relax between contractions. Without this relaxation the muscles will not grow as quickly. Relaxation is as important to your control as are the contractions. If you learn how to relax these muscles during sexual intercourse, you can last much longer. It can sometimes help to use your imagination when exercising. The power of visualization to increase physical performance has been used for decades by top athletes and sportsmen. The great body-builder-turned-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out using precise mental images to guide the growth of his muscles. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for you! Try to see your PC muscle as a thick, wide rubber band running between your legs. When you squeeze, see the rubber band tightening and stretching. When you relax, see the band become loose again. As the weeks go by try to see the rubber band progressively getting bigger, thicker and stronger. The 20 squeezes count as one session. Perform one session once a day for the first two or three weeks. Do not try to rush ahead. The key is to slowly gain confidence that you can control the muscle and gradually increase the frequency of your exercise to build up the PC muscle’s strength. A Free E-Book From 17 After two or three weeks doing one session a day and if you feel ready for it, aim to perform two sessions of 20 squeezes per day for the next three or four weeks. After you’ve mastered performing 40 (two sessions of 20) strong, short squeezes per day and the PC muscle begins to respond to exercise, the tensing and relaxing should become less of an effort. Now is the time to gradually build up the tensing to 75 (a count of 150) twice a day, again using your breathing as a timing guide. As before, do this for three or four weeks. When you can comfortably do 75 quick Kegel contractions twice a day, it is time to build on your progress and more sand add sustained or long Kegel movements. Long Kegel squeezes are equally simple. Instead of holding the muscle contraction for a count of one breath, hold it for a count of three to five seconds. Breathe normally but don’t tie your breath to the squeezing this time. Your training sessions are exactly the same as before, except you are holding the squeeze for longer this time. As before, start with one 20 count long squeeze session per day for two or three weeks, graduating to two sessions of 20 long squeezes per day for another two or more weeks. When this has become relatively easy, step up your again training to 75 long squeezes each session twice a day. The important thing is to take your time and go at a pace that is comfortable for you, without straining. The PC muscle is just like any other muscle and can become sore if you overdo it. After several months of fairly intense training you should have developed your PC muscle to a high level of fitness and be experiencing the sexual benefits it brings. A Free E-Book From 18 Don't worry if you haven't been able to rigidly stick to this training program, we all have busy lives and sometimes other 'stuff' sometimes just gets in the way. The main thing is to at least do something as often as you can because any exercise is better than no exercise at all. The mindblowing results will take longer to manifest themselves but it's only a matter of time before they do if you stick with it. Let's say you've been good and stuck to the suggested training program. It's a few months down the line and you're experiencing the best orgasms you've ever had. As with any other muscle, the PC has it's limits. You can't go on strengthening it indefinitely once it's reached it optimum condition. Now you can cut back on the routine a little but keep the muscle in top condition with daily maintenance training. A maintenance regime of 150 strong, committed five second squeezes per day should be plenty but if you feel you want to do more that’s fine. You can either perform them in a time you have set aside for the purpose or simply do the odd squeeze throughout the day, when it occurs to you to do so. You can perform maintenance training anywhere whilst you are going about your daily business. Stick to this training regime and your PC muscle will grown in strength from week to week, as will the intensity of pleasure you experience when you orgasm. Of course, all this advice on how to improve the quality and intensity of your orgasms is a bit pointless if you are having either getting an erection or feeling sexy enough to do it in the first place. Lack of libido or the ability to achieve an erection are many and varied, so in this next section we take a look at the possible causes A Free E-Book From 19 of erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire and show you how to naturally regain your desire and erectile function without having to resort to that famous little blue pill. Male Impotence – Causes and Cures "You are old Father William", the young man said, "And your hair has become very white; And yet you incessantly stand on your head - Do you think that at your age it is right?" According to this quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Father William was obviously very vigorous man for his age. If I knew his secret and published a book about it no doubt I would make a fortune. There probably isn't a man on the planet that doesn't know what Viagra is. It's up there with Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Microsoft as one of the world's most instantly recognizable brands. The anti-impotence drugs first became available in 1998 and since then has helped more than 16 million men around the world, who suffer from varying degrees of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence, to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is what we call the inability of the body to achieve and maintain an erection. What can be a distressing condition is surprisingly common among men of all ages at some time in their lives. If this sounds like something that happens to you, the first thing you must do is to take comfort in is the fact that you are not alone. Impotence is more common than you think. A Free E-Book From 20 Most men will have a problem getting an erection at some time in their lives. Studies in the United States show that roughly half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 experiences ED to a greater or lesser degree. That's nearly 30 million men in America alone. Worldwide the figure could be hundreds of millions. Whilst for some it is just an occasion inconvenience, for others the problem can be more persistent. Under normal circumstances, when a man becomes sexually aroused or 'gets turned on', a substance called nitric oxide (NO) is released in an area of the penis called the corpus cavernosum . NO in turn activates an enzyme called guanylate cyclase that itself triggers levels of guanosine monophosphate to increase. This allows the muscles in the corpus cavernosum to relax and allow blood to flow into the penis. As the arteries in the penis expand and harden, the veins that normally carry blood away from the area become compressed, restricting the blood flow out of the shaft. With more blood flowing in and less flowing out, the penis enlarges, resulting in an erection. When the man has finished having sex, the blood flows back into the body and the penis once again becomes limp. However, certain physical or psychological factors can interfere with this natural process and, for whatever reason, men at any time of their lives can find it hard to gain and/or maintain a firm erection. This in turn can have a knock on effect psychologically as the man gets dispirited or depressed at his inability to perform which can further exacerbates the problem. The good news is that ED can be treated and is not something you have to learn to live with. A Free E-Book From 21 There are many herbal products on the market that have been proven over the years to both stimulate sexual desire and/or improve your ability to get an erection. Let's take a look at some of the more common causes of impotence and some possible remedies that could treat the various conditions that can lead to impotence. Very often it's another medical condition, possibly one you don't even know you have, that is causing ED. If you can identify the cause, this condition can be successfully treated, so allowing normal sexual function to return of its own accord. Diabetes We all like to indulge in the odd sweet treat every now and again and when you do, you can justify your indulgence by knowing that your body requires sugar, in the form of glucose, as a vital form of energy. When you eat that candy your blood sugar level goes up and the hormone insulin is excreted by the pancreas to control the level of sugar in your blood. If the pancreas fails to excrete enough insulin to control your blood sugar level, health problems can begin to occur and this is known as Diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. Type One is treated with regular injections of insulin whilst Type Two sufferers can usually control their insulin levels through a carefully controlled diet. There is no known conventional cure for this condition and it is one of the more common causes of ED but there are things you can do with your diet to help alleviate the effect diabetes has on your sex life. The following advice whilst vital for diagnosed diabetics, is also relevant to anyone wishing to improve their health because both A Free E-Book From 22 conventional doctors and followers of complimentary medicine agree that these dietary changes can contribute to overall health and the avoidance of disease. Switch to a high fiber diet that includes wholemeal bread, bran cereals, beans, fruit, vegetables and spinach as these are believed to reduce the body's need for insulin. Weight reduction is also a good idea as those who are overweight increase their chances of contracting this disease. As a basic requirement, cut down or cut out saturated meat and diary fats, high sugar foods and convenience meals. Later on in this book we will show you great ways to burn off excess fat through exercise without having to spend thousands on a gym membership. Reducing your intake of alcohol will help because wines, beers and lagers can also be high in 'hidden sugars.' Alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and lager can also be high in 'hidden' sugars; therefore these types of beverage should be avoided or replaced by their low sugar equivalents. The following vitamins and minerals are believed to combat health complications associated with having diabetes. Chromium is found in eggs, wholemeal bread and cereals and plays an important part in the manufacture of what is called the glucose tolerance factor. This in turn plays a major role in controlling blood glucose levels by encouraging the uptake of glucose by muscles, organs and so called insulin receptors. It also stimulates the burning up of glucose for energy. A good, all-round multi-vitamin can 'cover the bases' but for specific ailments, a higher dose of a specific nutrient may be required. When taking high doses of minerals or vitamins, always read the label and do not exceed recommended doses. If you are diabetic or have any other ailment mentioned in this book and are A Free E-Book From 23 on medications for it, consult your physician before embarking on any dietary modification. A couple of vitamins known for their beneficial effects on blood, circulation and arteries are vitamin C and vitamin E. Zinc is a mineral found in significant quantities in semen and is known to play a part in insulin activity. Men who ejaculate frequently may be deficient in this mineral and supplementation may be required. Eating zinc-rich foods is always good but as we only absorb around 20 percent of that available, taking zinc pills may be a good idea. Garlic is believed to curb the increase of blood sugar levels and other herbs such as burdock help the kidneys to work normally and gentian stimulates the pancreas. Heart Disease and High Cholesterol There are two types of a cholesterol that circulate throughout the bloodstream. The first type is HDL and is manufactured naturally by the liver and is essential for our health. The other type of cholesterol is knows as LDL or low-density lipoprotein and the amount you have in your bloodstream depends on genetics and diet. It is common knowledge that over consumption of foods high in saturated fat contributes to the 'clogging up' of arteries which in turn reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart and increases the chance of future heart problems. Reducing high cholesterol foods such as hard margarines and cooking fats, fatty meats and meat products such as lamb chops, mince, hamburgers, bacon, frankfurters, salamis, pâté and pies, A Free E-Book From 24 biscuits, cakes, chocolates, pastries and full fat dairy products will reduce LDL levels. Replace these with wholemeal grains, fruits, vegetables, cereals containing bran and other foods high in soluble fiber, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. A higher consumption of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, A, E and selenium have been shown to prevent blood fats from oxidisation. It is only oxidised fats that are thought to enter blood vessel walls and cause health problems. We will look at how antioxidants can contribute to overall health and slow down the aging process in the body later on in this volume. Garlic once again has been shown to reduce reduce blood cholesterol levels by as much as 11 percent and also reduce and even reverse the furring up of the arteries. To increase levels of HDL (good) cholesterol in your body, try upping your intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish, flaxseed oils and soy products. Regular aerobic exercise that enhances blood flow and strengthens the heart and we show you how you can do this later on. Heart disease is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction because circulation to the penis may be compromised. Your risk of suffering from impotence rises to 80 percent if your diet is high in foods containing saturated fats and LDL cholesterol. High Blood Pressure Blood pressure is taken by measuring two different readings – systolic pressure when your heart is pumping blood through your veins and diastolic pressure when your heart is at rest. A healthy young adult's pressure is usually around 120 over 80 whilst a 50 year old man's may be slightly higher at 150 over 90 but this is A Free E-Book From 25 considered normal as blood pressure tends to rise slightly with age. A consistent blood pressure reading of 160 over 95 is generally considered to be high. Symptoms of high blood pressure can include headaches, dizziness or ringing in the ears. Although blood pressure fluctuation is fairly normal, the wrong kind of diet is widely accepted as being a contributor to abnormally high blood pressure. Drinking and smoking too much, being overweight, too much salt and too little exercise are all contributing factors as is anxiety, stress and hereditary. A high fiber diet that is low in salt, caffeine, saturated fat and too much alcohol is recommended Giving up smoking and taking up gentle aerobic exercise is also suggested. A daily dose of around 100mg of co-enzyme Q10 has been found to reduce blood pressure significantly and our old friend garlic has also proven effective in reducing blood pressure by as much as 8 percent in clinical trials. Acupuncture has also been used successfully to treat high blood pressure and the regular practice of yoga or meditation to relieve stress can also be effective. High Blood pressure and ED have a strong link. In the United States roughly 40 percent of those men with ED also had high blood pressure and/or high blood cholesterol, rising to 70 percent of those aged 60 or over. This is because when you have high blood pressure your heart has to work harder to pump blood through abnormally narrow blood vessels that consequently can't supply organs like the penis with a sufficient amount of blood to function normally. A Free E-Book From 26 Depression We all have occasional bouts of sadness, sorrow or grief but depression is mental illness that includes feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, isolation and despair which in turn affect the patient's ability to carry on a normal life. When feeling depressed you can experience loss of energy, dry mouth, digestive problems, loss of appetite and weight loss due to not eating properly. Psychiatrists agree that there are two types of depression. Exogenous depression as a result of external factors such as divorce, job loss and financial problems. The Endogenous form of the illness is a result of internal factors such as a biochemical imbalance in the body. Nutritionists and dieticians believe the intake of vitamin C, the B vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium could all have a positive effect on brain chemistry. A diet high in whole grains, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and seafood as a way of providing these and other vital nutrients. An all-round multi-vitamin and mineral tablet may also help ensure the diet is not deficient. It may be a good idea to stop drinking beverages high in caffeine such as tea, coffee and some soft drinks due to their caffeine content which can contribute to sleeplessness and insomnia, both of which are often associated with depression. Also cut back on alcohol which can also have an adverse effect on mood and sleep patterns. A popular natural anti-depression herb is St. John's Wort. The extract of this herb found in shop-bought preparations contains active ingredients such as hypericins, antioxidants and vitamin C A Free E-Book From 27 and clinical trials have shown a dosage of 900 mg a day equally as effective as drug-based anti-depressants but without the possible side effects. Take regular exercise to stimulate energy levels and talk to a partner or friend about your feelings. Positive thinking, creative visualization of peaceful images can also help and self-hypnosis can prove particularly helpful in this regard. Please read the chapter on self-hypnosis to learn more. ED in men prone to depression can have a physical and emotional cause or be the cause of depression due to low self esteem, poor self image or problems with their partner. The taking of orthodox antidepressants can further aggravate the problem because certain anti depressant drugs can cause impotence as a side effect. Prostate Surgery The prostate is a chestnut sized gland, involved in the production of semen, that lies at the neck of a man's bladder. The urethra passes through this glad on it's way to the bladder. Prostate problems are most common in mature men aged 50 or more when the gland enlarges and effects the flow of urine to an uncomfortable degree. Increasing your intake of zinc has been shown to give relief from symptoms of an enlarged prostate because because enlargement is often caused by the build up of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone which itself is triggered by an inadequate amount of zinc in the diet. Cells in enlarged prostates are found to contain below normal levels of this mineral. It is also recommended that you reduce your consumption of animal fats, alcohol, coffee and tea. Studies have shown a link between ingesting these foods and a prevalence toward prostate cancer. A Free E-Book From 28 Lifestyle Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Smoking Smoking increases your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, lung problems and various types of cancer. It also has a very negative effect on sexual health because it damages blood circulation in and around the penis. It is never too late to give up smoking. It's never easy but a change in diet to one high in fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and oils, the use of nicotine replacements and self hypnosis will help. The diet will replace vital nutrients that are depleted because of smoking such as vitamins C, E and the B group. Self hypnosis, where the patient is put into a relaxed state where the subconscious mind is susceptible to positive suggestions designed to strengthen the will to stop have also proven effective. See the chapter on self-hypnosis for more details. Acupuncture has been known to work well on those who really want to stop. Needles are inserted into the ears and lung area. Often small needles can be left in the ear and when the urge to smoke is felt, stimulating these needles appears to take away the craving for a cigarette. Drinking You may have heard of the term ‘brewer’s droop’? It’s a colloquial phrase used to describe how too much alcohol in the blood can affect the ability to achieve an erection even though it also has the effect of generating desire. Alcohol slows down the central nervous system so affecting your body’s ability to react normally to sexual stimulation. Cutting back on your alcohol intake is an obvious solution but like A Free E-Book From 29 smoking, alcohol can be a serious addiction. Taking a supplement of evening primrose oil may help because the gamma-linolenic acid it contains is believed to help in preventing mood swings and further liver damage. Self hypnosis where positive suggestions are used to influence the subconscious mind for increased will power and determination to stop drinking can also be of help. See the chapter on self-hypnosis for more details. Stress In our modern, hectic, 24/7 lifestyles, stress comes in many and varied forms, from work pressure to relationship problems, financial worries, bereavement and experiencing sexual problems. Many men's self esteem is based upon their ability to function well sexually. The danger of experiencing sex related stress is that if something is not done about it a downward spiral can begin which only makes matters worse. As stress can lead to reduced sex drive you may experience ED and this in turn leads to more stress and worry. If you feel you are suffering from stress there are many natural ways you can tackle the problem. Stress tends to weaken your immune system making your more susceptible to colds and flu so increasing your intake of B group vitamins and vitamin C can help your body cope more easily. Either take supplements or increase your intake of green vegetables, fresh fruit, yeast extract, wholegrain cereals, dairy products, nuts, seeds, pulses, fresh fruits, fruit juices and vegetables. An adequate intake of complex carbohydrates is also recommended to boost your energy and calm the mind eat foods such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and pulses. A Free E-Book From 30 Dosing up on vitamins and minerals helps your body cope with stress but isn't going to cure the problem, so here are some other activities proven to relieve stress you might like to try. Take regular exercise. practice some form of relaxation technique such as yoga, tai chi or meditation. Consider having a pet. Studies have shown that pet owners suffer far less from stress than those without an animal. Talk about your problems, either to a professional counsellor or a trusted friend. Sometimes just getting things out in the open instead of bottling them up inside can be a tremendous relief. Take regular relaxing holidays if you can. It doesn't have to be somewhere exotic and expensive. Weekend breaks in your own country where you can just 'get away from it all' can be equally effective. Just sitting down and listening to some relaxing music after a stressful day can help put things in perspective. Expressing your anger or frustration through art or dance can prove a great way to release pent up emotions in a safe and creative way. Book yourself a professional massage or get your partner to help you ease away any physical tension in your body. In herbal medicine, hot teas made from lemon balm or chamomile are traditional relaxants or for something a little stronger you could try natural tranquillizer pills made from herbs such as valerian, skullcap or cowslip, usually available at health food shops and drug stores. Self-hypnosis has been proved to be very effective in a wide range of psychological problems, including stress. There are many CDs and MP3s on the market designed to relax your mind A Free E-Book From 31 and body through visualisation and positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. Read the chapter on self-hypnosis for more details. Viagra is usually prescribed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction but, increasingly, perfectly healthy men are taking this drug 'recreationally' in order to maximize their performance in bed. Very often, the fear of performance anxiety can lead guys to fall back on a bit of drug-based 'insurance' . Can you stimulate your libido with herbs? Does a 'natural Viagra' exist? Can sexual stamina, performance and pleasure be enhanced without drugs? Hailed by some as a 'miracle cure', it must never be forgotten that Viagra and similar drugs, whilst proven completely safe for the majority of users, may cause unwanted side effects. A natural alternative, proven by use for many hundreds, even thousands of years may possibly cost you less and prove to be as good as, if not better than the famous synthetic version. Since before the beginning of recorded history, mankind has used the natural chemicals and nutrients found in the roots, leaves, stems, fruits and flowers of plants to cure disease, treat specific ailments or improve overall health. Thousands of years before the advent of modern, synthetic, drug-based western medicine, every culture in every corner of the Earth had gathered together a vast knowledge of how its particular native herbs and plants could be of benefit to humanity and this research is still going on today, most notably by the large pharmaceutical conglomerates seeking to isolate the active ingredients found in plants to produce the next, new 'wonder drug'. No-one is quite sure how humans first discovered that what was growing all around them could also help them cure their illnesses or ward off disease, but it's likely early hominids made the A Free E-Book From 32 discovery by accident, after observing that some of the roots and berries they gathered for food also made them feel better or helped heal wounds more quickly. They may also have taken note of the plants sick animals chose to eat and be curious as to why the creature suddenly appeared to regain its health not long afterwards and tried it on themselves. Perhaps, by design or accident, certain leaves, stems and flowers were burnt in the fire or fell into the cooking pot and breathed in or ingested in ignorance but their effects brought enlightenment Such herbal wisdom would have been of great importance to primitive tribes who depended on their immediate environment for survival. Once discovered, it is likely that such knowledge was handed down first orally and then, as language became more sophisticated, by the written word. Every great civilization we have known, be it the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese or South Americans, developed to one degree or another, a sophisticated herbal law from which healers of the time made pills, powders, teas, ointments and pastes from a wide variety of local trees, plants, animal and mineral substances. Walk down any busy street in a modern city and you are sure to come across a shop that sells traditional Chinese herbal remedies. China's herbal tradition is one of the worlds oldest with the earliest written guide thought to have been committed to paper some 4000 years ago. Gradually however, most of these natural cures began to be supplanted by newly discovered synthetic drugs that today still dominate medicinal practice, though not always to a positive effect. Luckily there has been somewhat of a 'new age' resurgence in interest in the more natural, holistic approach to health and vitality. A Free E-Book From 33 Venture into any book shop today or point your browser to on-line book stores such as Amazon and you'll find a huge large range of works all dedicated to the proven therapeutic and aphrodisiac benefits plants and other 'complimentary' medicines. A natural alternative, proven by use for many hundreds, even thousands of years, may possibly cost you less and prove to be as good as, if not better than, the famous synthetic version. In this section you will find a concise introduction to many natural ingredients that help stimulate sexual desire, improve libido, treat impotence or generally boost energy and stamina or as I like to call them: Hot Sex Herbs If you want to know more about each herb or nutrient, please refer to the resources section at the back of this book where you will find details on how to purchase each one over the Internet from a reputable online merchant. Vitamin B3/Niacin Vitamin B3 comes in two varieties - niacin and niacinamide - and both have therapeutic uses. B3 is water soluble and can be found in dairy products, grain, nuts and dried fruit and has been shown to have an aphrodisiac effect chiefly by widening the blood vessels and improving blood flow to the penis. It also plays a part in the production of histamine, a chemical that is said to make sexual sensations during orgasm more intense. A Free E-Book From 34 Muira Puama This herb, also known as potency wood, is a small tree found in the rainforest of Brazil and has been used by South American natives for centuries to combat impotence and increase libido. It is widely regarded as a safe and natural alternative to wellknown anti-impotence drugs because it contains a natural form of sildenafil citrate, the same active ingredient found in antiimpotence pharmaceuticals. In a French study of 262 patients complaining of erectile impotence or lack of libido, 62 percent of the sample noticed an improvement in their condition within two weeks of treatment. Of the patients with erection failures, 51 percent felt that the herb had a positive effect on their sex lives. In their final report, researchers indicated muira puama could “enhance libido in 85 percent of the test group, increase the frequency of intercourse in 100 percent and improve the ability to maintain an erection in 90 percent.” It is thought that this herb has a direct effect on the brain chemicals dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin, stimulating the nerve endings in the genitals and encouraging the production of sex hormones such as testosterone. Catuaba Catuaba is another tree indigenous to South American that has a long history as an aphrodisiac. The Tupi Indians of Brazil first discovered this herb's aphrodisiac properties centuries ago and composed many songs praising its sexual wonders. Both in Europe and the US it is widely regarded as a brain and nerve stimulant, a treatment for hypertension, an aid to poor A Free E-Book From 35 memory and a treatment for impotency. According to the well known British herbalist Michael van Straten, catuaba is beneficial to both sexes as an aphrodisiac but "it is in the area of male impotence that the most striking results have been reported" and "there is no evidence of side effects, even after long-term use." Catuaba is equally effective for both men and women, increasing both erotic dreams and sexual desire after it has been taken for between five and 21 days. Sarsaparilla It would seem South America has been blessed when it comes to the production of natural aphrodisiacs, because sarsaparilla is a large woody vine also native to this part of the world, plus Jamaica, the Caribbean, Mexico, Honduras and the West Indies. The root is the part used for medicinal purposes because this is the part of the plant that contains a group of natural chemicals called saponins. Like the other plants already mentioned, the indigenous peoples of these regions have been using sarsaparilla as a treatment for sexual impotence, rheumatism, skin ailments and general physical weakness for many centuries. Today it is a favorite supplement of body builders because it helps to improve energy levels, virility and vitality. Damiana You will not be surprised to learn that damiana is also a plant native to South America as well as the West Indies and Mexico. It A Free E-Book From 36 was the ancient Mayan civilization of Central America who first used this herb as an aphrodisiac. It's botanical name of tunera aphrodisiaca clearly shows it is a herb famous for enhancing sexual pleasure. It is thought that the alkaloid chemicals in damiana have a similar effect as testosterone, the male sex hormone. The presence of beta sitosterol has a stimulating and mildly irritating effect on the sexual organs, boosting circulation and increasing the sensitivity of nerves in the penis. They also improve blood flow to the area, so helping to make erections firmer and longer lasting. Ginkgo Biloba Also known as the maidenhair tree, ginkgo has been in existence for between 150 and 200 million years and is the oldest living tree known to man. Ginkgo works by increasing blood flow to the brain and throughout the body's network of blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the organ systems, including the genitals and so, by boosting circulation, help to counteract the effects of aging, including mental fatigue and lack of energy. Studies conducted with men who had erectile dysfunction found that ginkgo had a beneficial effect after six to eight weeks with a full half of the test group re-gaining normal sexual function. A Free E-Book From 37 In one study the majority of men who had previously relied on conventional drugs to assist them in gaining an erection, found they had regained natural potency after having taken ginkgo. L-Arginine L-arginine is an amino acid found in such foods as nuts, pulses, beetroot, onions, grapes, rice and eggs. The task of l-arginine in the body is to create nitric oxide (NO), a nerve communication chemical that helps to increase blood flow to the penis during arousal. Dilation of the blood vessels in the penis is vital for achieving a firm erection and is dependent on the production of nitric oxide to achieve this. Studies on both animals and humans indicate that increased levels of l-arginine improves sexual function. Anti-impotence drugs also depend on nitric oxide to work, however the way in which they use NO to stimulate an erection differs slightly. Drugs simply redirects the NO already present in the body to the sexual organs whereas l-arginine helps to produce more NO in the body. Unlike natural alternatives, these drugs can overcome the lack of oxygen or the demand for blood during the digestive process. Natural alternatives cannot do this, therefore the sexual feelings can be more subtle than those experienced with synthetic drugs but they do offer a more natural and mild alternative to treating sexual problems. Insufficient blood flow to the penis can be a major cause of incomplete erection in men. L-arginine improves the blood flow to the genital area and encourages erections that are harder and bigger, last longer and occur more frequently. A Free E-Book From 38 In one trial of men with erection problems, the subjects either took l-arginine or a placebo for a period of two weeks. Those taking the placebo did not note any improvement in their condition whilst those men taking arginine noticed an increase in the frequency of erections. Arginine has also been found to be an important factor in the health of sperm. Seminal fluid has been found to contain up to 80 percent arginine, and is thought to contribute to the quality and vigour of sperm activity. Men with low sperm counts have reported an increase in sperm count and fertility having taken arginine. Arginine should not be taken by anyone with kidney or liver problems, schizophrenics or those with rheumatoid arthritis or glomerulonephritis except on the advice of a medical practitioner. Ashwagandha Also known as the winter cherry, ashwagandha is a shrub grown mostly in India that has rejuvenating and tonic effects similar to those of ginseng. It has been used in Indian traditional herbal medicine (Ayurveda) for thousands of years. Many studies have shown this herb to be better than ginseng for improving physical performance and mental acuity as well as being an aphrodisiac that improves sexual performance and potency. In one double-blind study, over 100 healthy men ranging in age from 50 to 59 took either ashwagandha or a placebo for one year. Of the group that took the ashwagandha, 70 percent noticed an increase in libido and sexual function. A Free E-Book From 39 Ginseng Originally from China, ginseng comes in several varieties – Siberian, Chinese and American. The variety that comes from Korea and China is known as panax ginseng. Panax ginseng is one of the oldest known herbal medicines having been used in Chinese traditional medicine for the past seven thousand years. Ginseng has a world-wide reputation as an aphrodisiac and an enhancer of fertility. As well as improving physical and mental stamina, it also improves circulation to the the genitals. The root of the plant contains 28 different ginsenosides - chemicals similar in nature to human sex hormones and to hormones that stimulate the production of sex hormones, including testosterone. Studies show that ginseng encourages the production of nitric oxide, a chemical neurotransmitter produced in the body that is essential for increasing and maintaining good blood flow to the penis and for triggering sexual arousal. In one study of impotent men, the group given ginseng for a period of 60 days showed improvement in frequency of sexual intercourse and erections as well as increased firmness and size of the penis when erect. Ginseng's additional ability to lessen fatigue and increase stamina can help improve the duration and frequency of lovemaking. A Free E-Book From 40 Yohimbe Yohimbe originally comes from West Africa and its effectiveness as an aphrodisiac is so well documented, that the American Federal Drug Administration has approved it for release on prescription as a treatment for impotence and as a sexual stimulant. The active ingredients of yohimbe is an alkaloid that causes both a dilation of the blood vessels in the penis and the production of noreprine, a substance essential in the formation of an erection. Yohimbe increases the blood flow to the erectile tissue, stops the constriction of the arteries that channel the blood into the penis, increases testosterone levels and temporarily and selectively blocks the sympathetic nervous system, helping the user to stave off ejaculation and increase the duration of intercourse. Yohimbe may theoretically cause severe high blood pressure and other problems and should only be combined with antidepressant drugs under the supervision of a physician. Because certain medications may interact with yohimbe. It is recommended you discuss the use of yohimbe and your current medications with your doctor or pharmacist. Persons with posttraumatic stress disorder and panic disorder should also avoid yohimbe. Zinc Zinc is an essential element found in large concentrations in the prostate gland and in semen, suggesting that it is closely related to normal male sexual function. The zinc in semen helps inhibit sperm activity and helps maintain the integrity of the sperm's genetic material required for A Free E-Book From 41 fertilization of the female egg, therefore men with low levels of this element may suffer from reduced fertility. Because zinc has a direct effect on the health of sperm and the sexual organs, instances of impotence have been related to low levels of this mineral in the body. Ejaculate usually contains around 5mg of zinc or about one third of the body's daily requirement, therefore it would be a good idea for sexually active men who ejaculate frequently to ensure they maintain an optimum level of intake. Tribulus Terrestris The fruit and root of the Indian tribulus plant contain substances that have been shown to stimulate the immune, sexual and reproductive systems. These substances are thought to increase levels of natural steroids in the body such as testosterone by up to 30 percent in as little as five days. In a study involving 50 people who had a low sex drive due to fatigue, lethargy or lack of interest, 45 percent showed an improvement in their symptoms after having taken tribulus. Horny Goat Weed As suggested by its name, horny goat weed it is a time-tested aphrodisiac that increases libido, improves erectile function, and has been used in herbal medicine for over two thousand years. The plant's ability to restore sexual desire, boost erectile function and relieve fatigue could be due to its ability to inhibit an enzyme called acetyl cholinesterase (AC). This chemical reduces the activity of brain chemicals connected to sexual arousal. A Free E-Book From 42 When AC is missing, or at a low level in the body, the sexual brain chemicals increase resulting in greater sexual arousal. According to research, horny goat weed has the ability to stimulate nerves in the genital area and increase levels of testosterone, a hormone intimately connected to libido. The Chinese Academy of Sciences found that regular use of horny goat weed also slows down the aging process. Maca Maca is a root vegetable related to the potato that contains many vitamins and minerals. It has been under cultivation in South American for the last two thousand years and used by the native people both as a nutritional food and medicine. Because it is known to increase energy levels, improve fertility and act as an effective aphrodisiac, it has been dubbed the 'Peruvian ginseng'. As well as a treatment for male impotence, maca is also used by athletes to improve their stamina and endurance. A study published in an issue of the medical journal Urology, showed that maca increased libido, sexual potency and energy in the test subjects. In fact, the sexual activity of the test participants nearly quadrupled after taking the herb for twenty one days. No wonder that it is now used by men to improve sexual performance in more than 200 countries world-wide. Suma Suma is a large, rambling, shrubby ground vine native to the South American rainforest. Its root has been used by that country's native people for centuries as an anti-impotence aid. A Free E-Book From 43 Tests conducted on laboratory rats, using an extract from the root, suggested that suma was helpful in improving the sexual behavior of previously impotent rodents. Similar results were observed when suma was given to humans. In addition to boosting the sex drive, suma is also thought to have other anti-aging properties. A French company applied for a US patent on an extract of suma which they claim strengthened the water barrier function of the skin, gave the skin a smoother, softer appearance, and also improved the hair. Why not see for yourself? Fo Ti Fo Ti is the name given to a Japanese evergreen plant. Its Chinese name of He shou Wwu literally means 'black-haired Mr. He,' in reference to the name of a Tang dynasty man whose vitality, fertility and youthful black hair were reputedly miraculously restored after regularly eating this herb. An extract from the roots is used today in traditional Chinese medicine as a youth giving tonic favored by the elderly who take it in the belief it can help to restore fertility, maintain hair color and preserve youthfulness. As well as promoting sexual function and libido, this herb can also be used as a general tonic for increasing energy, toning the kidneys and liver, purifying the blood, increasing fertility, reducing hypertension, lowering cholesterol, relieving insomnia, calming stomach upset and treating diabetes. As you have seen, many of the herbs mentioned here are reputed to increase the product of the male sex hormone testosterone. Let's take a closer look at why testosterone is so important to us guys and our ability to 'do the business'. A Free E-Book From 44 Testosterone and Libido A lack of libido and weak erections can be traced back to several factors including health, diet and lifestyle but we must also take into account the possible decline in your levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that influences much that gay men hold dear including muscle mass, fat distribution, bone mass, sperm production and sex drive. Testosterone levels usually reach their peek in in your late teens but from then begins to decline steadily through your 30s, 40s and 50s. It is no surprise therefore that the older we get and the less male hormone our bodies produce, the harder it can be to achieve a full erection, get aroused and ejaculate the maximum amount of semen. Men wishing to regain the kind of testosterone levels they enjoyed in their youth often turn to to conventional testosterone replacement therapy which involves synthetic testosterone being injected directly into the body. Trouble is, this kind of treatment comes with possible side effects. When testosterone is directly introduced into the body, your pituitary gland senses this unnatural increase of the hormone in your blood stream and sends a signal to your balls to shut down production of your own natural testosterone. The result of this loss of natural production can be shrinkage of your penis and testicles. Also, the longer you use the direct injection method, the more your genitals could shrink, so while your sexual desire and libido may increase, your outer physical manhood could decrease. If that wasn't enough, you also run the risk of enlarged breasts or 'man boobs', increased risk of accelerating pre-existing prostate cancer, lower sperm production, baldness, skin rashes, fluid A Free E-Book From 45 retention, interruption of breathing during sleep and excess blood production. The good news is that there is a far safer, more natural way to increase your body's testosterone production thanks to plant chemicals that work with your body to boost it's natural testosterone levels. All of these herbal extracts are freely available to purchase over the Internet, either by themselves or in formulas that combine all these ingredients into one convenient pill. See the resources section at the end of this book for our recommended suppliers. Macuna Puriens Known by the more common names of cowith, cowhage, velvet bean or buffalo bean, this plant is well-known as a sexual enhancer for impotence and erectile dysfunction. It contains a powerful neurotransmitter precursor called l-dopa. L-dopa is an amino acid that converts in the body to dopamine and increased dopamine levels optimize the production of testosterone. Macuna Puriens also has the ability to reduce the sensitivity of the genitals meaning it could help restore normal sexual response in those prone to premature ejaculation and extend sexual performance in those with less sensitivity. Eurycoma Longfolia (Tongkat Ali) Tongkat ali is a plant native to much of South East Asia and has long been known by Asians as a natural aphrodisiac. A Free E-Book From 46 Lab tests on rats around the world have reported similar results in test subjects including increased sexual activity, higher sperm counts and raised levels of testosterone. In a placebo-controlled human study with healthy young men in a weight-training program, it was found that the test subjects experienced an increase in overall body mass, muscular strength and arm size. This plant can also assist in weight loss. The active ingredients in this plant can also promote the burning of fat by providing energy while on a reduced calorie diet. As a result, the body does not seek to gain increased energy from food by increasing appetite and storing fat. Cnidium Cnidium is a plant native to China that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural libido booster for hundreds of years. It has the ability to boost your body's levels of nitric oxide – a substance that plays an important part in the relaxation of blood vessels in the penis which in turn allows increased blood flow and an erection. Like testosterone, your levels of nitric oxide decrease naturally as you age which is why men from their 30s onwards experience a gradual decline in libido and the ability to get and maintain an erection. By boosting levels of nitric oxide back to normal levels, this slow decline can be reversed. Cnidium also mimics the action of prescription anti-impotence drugs by inhibiting the production of PDE-5, a substance connected to the duration of your erection. By interfering with PDE-5's natural action, an erection can be maintained for a longer period of time. A Free E-Book From 47 Xanthropermelia Scrabosa Xanthropermelia is a lichen found in China, Australia and South America. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine for both prolonging a man's erection and increasing penis size. Much like cnidium and anti-impotence drugs, it's ability to prolong an erection is due to it's ability to inhibit the enzyme PDE-5 - an enzyme which is responsible for reducing the strength and duration of erections. Without PDE-5, the enhanced blood flow helps the penis to naturally become thicker and longer over time which has led modern day manufacturers of all natural penis growth supplements to include an extract in their products. My research has revealed that many of the natural testosterone boosters mentioned in this chapter plus other herbal aphrodisiacs, are available in one convenient pill called Max Testosterone: Magnesium, zinc, selenium. tribulus terrestris, avena sativa, larginine HCL, macuna puriens, ginkgo biloba, eurycoma longfolia, epimedium, saw palmetto, damiana, Cnidium, xanthropermelia scrabosa. A Free E-Book From 48 Larger Than Life How You Can Add Inches The penis enlargement market is saturated with thousands of products that don’t work, or can actually cause more harm than good. It’s understandable to want to increase your size, but you have to be certain that you aren’t taking unnecessary risks. This chapter has been reproduced with kind permission of Penis Advantage, a web site dedicated to making you bigger using proven, natural penis enlargement exercises. To find out more about them, see the resources section at the end of this book. The truth is, it absolutely is possible to increase the length and girth of your penis, but you must make sure you do it safely. Not every technique works for every man, so you must keep that in mind. You might have to try a few different techniques before you find the right one for you. Does Penis Enlargement Exercise Really Work? The short answer to this question is yes. But to know more about exactly what a penis enlargement exercise can do and how you can maximize the impact of this activity, it pays to know a bit more about what really happens when you do these exercises. Penis enlargement exercises are natural techniques used by millions of men worldwide to gradually but permanently increase the length and/or the girth of their penis. It's said to work by A Free E-Book From 49 stimulating the growth of new cells in your penis, particularly in the corpora cavernosa. When new cells are created and added to it, it increases the length and the girth of your penis. The corpora cavernosa are two chambers that run the length of your penis. These chambers fill with blood during arousal and give you an erect penis. These chambers are also responsible for the size and the thickness of your penis when erect. Aside from stimulating your corpora cavernosa, penis enlargement exercises also target the pubococcygeus muscle, also knows as the PC muscle. This is the muscle that’s responsible for controlling your ejaculate. By strengthen this muscle, you also enhance your sexual performance by helping you increase your staying power. Just like with exercising other parts of our bodies, stimulating and exercising the various tissues and muscles in and around the penis can also bring a lot of other advantages besides the main one – which in increasing penis size. One benefit is it improves the circulation of blood in the area. And with improved circulation, you can expect erections that are harder, stronger and that last longer. Through exercise, some men have also reported better control of their ejaculation, which is sure to massively increase pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom. To get started, here is a sample exercise that you can do. I call this exercise “The Towel Lift”. For this exercise, you will need a light flannel wash cloth and 15 minutes of privacy. Step #1: Get yourself to a full erection. Step #2: Place the wash cloth on top of and near the base of your erect penis. A Free E-Book From 50 Step #3: Flex your penis so it lifts the towel a little, then relax it, bringing the towel back to its original position. Ideally, you should do up to 25 repetitions at a time, and do this exercise every other day. However, at first, you may need to work yourself up until you reach the necessary PC muscle strength to be able to manage 25 reps. Don’t strain yourself. Do as many reps as you can initially. As you continue to work out your PC muscles, soon you’ll be able to do 25 reps without breaking a sweat. It is important though that the exercises you do are really safe. After all, you don’t want to risk injury to this area of your anatomy. Before you try any exercise, make sure it comes from a reputable and trusted source. Make sure, too, that the exercises are tried and tested to be both safe and effective. Penis Exercise Results: What You Can Expect From Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs Natural penis enlargement exercise programs are one of the safest methods of enhancing the size of your package, provided that you get your exercise advice from long established, reputable sources. When you are considering doing something like all-natural penis enlargement exercises, you need to know beforehand what results to expect. With the right expectation and the right mindset, going into the program, you are likely to be happier and more satisfied with the results of your hard work. A. You Need To Take Action. One thing you should definitely expect when doing natural penis exercise programs is to actually exercise. Unlike pills and surgery which are a lot riskier and that promise results without any effort A Free E-Book From 51 on your part, exercise programs will require you to devote some time and effort into doing those exercises. Also unlike pills and surgery, exercise programs are more likely to be legitimate and to give you lasting and true results – if you choose the right one. It may take at least a couple of weeks before you get to see the first results of your efforts. B. Results Are Permanent. You can expect penis exercise results to cause permanent enhancements to your penis. This is the advantage of penis exercise over other methods like penis pumps where, to continue to enjoy the results, you need to continue to use the device or surgery which may require maintenance care or follow up procedures. And since you are stimulating several areas of your penis, you also enhance their other functions, which gives you lots of bonus benefits. C. Expect Bonus Benefits. Some of the related benefits that result from penis enlargement exercises include better circulation. And we all know that when circulation down there is great, you'll have firmer and stronger erections. Increased stamina and control of your ejaculate is also achieved through penis exercises. This means that you'll be able to hold your ejaculate back longer, which should do wonders for you and your partner's pleasure and satisfaction. D. 1 to 3 Inches Within 3 to 12 Months. When it comes to improvements in size, what are the reasonable numbers to expect? No doubt men will have varying results depending on how dedicated they are and how their bodies are made. We have reports of men seeing a 1/4" to 1/2" inch improvements as early as two weeks of exercising, and one to three inches within three to 12 months of doing penis exercises. A Free E-Book From 52 Aside from an increase in length, they’ve also noticed an increase in the girth and in the strength and quality of their erections. One thing is definitely certain - if you are looking to improve your package, it doesn't matter what size you are starting from. Dangerous Penis Enlargement Programs To Avoid There are a lot of scams out there that disguise themselves as penis enlargement programs. Their actual results range from ineffective to dangerous. Some are known to have caused serious injury. Why a lot of people fall for these scams are understandable. After all, they are feeding on the insecurity and misfortune of a lot of men out there. This section compiles a list of potentially dangerous or simply 'questionable' penis enlargement programs you should stay away from. Penis enlargement pumps. Pumps are a very popular method. They’ve been around for a few decades and they are known to be marginally to moderately effective. Men experience differing results, potentially based on the model they buy and their use of the device. Penis enlargement pumps are suction devices that are fitted over the penis. When activated, the pump creates a vacuum around the penis and this pressure causes blood to rush to the penis, making it engorged, enabling an erection. These vacuum pumps have been used to help men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. However, these vacuum pumps are very easy to misuse. If used too vigorously, the pressure created around the penis could potentially cause vascular damage. It is also possible for the penis to be sucked in or pulled in to the cylinder causing injury. And the worst thing about using the vast majority of vacuum pumps? A Free E-Book From 53 Studies have actually shown that it causes no significant change in penile length. Pumps must be used as directed. If you use a very low-quality device, or if you apply too much pressure, you can injure your penis, sometimes seriously. You could burst blood vessels in your penis, cause blisters, or even damage ligaments. Most men do report satisfaction with the use of pumps, particularly higher-end models. It’s advisable to buy the best one you can afford, and look for reviews before buying. Penis enlargement pills and patches. Penis enlargement pills and patches are devices that you will see advertised on the internet a lot. They promise to be very convenient and discreet solutions if you want to enlarge your penis. However, you need to be aware that scientific studies on the efficacy of these pills and patches have been consistent in showing that these pills are ineffective and are purely being sold for profit. Every current brand of pill I know of are also not FDA approved, so no one's looking into their claims of safety and efficacy. Aside from doing nothing at all, these studies have also discovered that these pills may also contain harmful contaminants. Contaminants such as yeasts, molds, e. coli and even pesticides have been found on these pills. You must keep in mind that these pills are probably unregulated and not approved by the FDA or the appropriate governing body in your area so you are never entirely sure about where they source their ingredients and how they manufacture their products. The University of Maryland even concluded that many of the herbal penis enlargement pills on the market had “heavy fecal contamination”, due to their analysis finding large amounts of animal fecal matter in almost every brand tested. A spokesman for the American Urological Association has stated unequivocally that, “There is no such thing as a penis pill that A Free E-Book From 54 works. These are all things that are sold for profit. There’s no science of substance behind them.” It’s tempting to look to pills for a quick fix, but unfortunately there is no such thing when it comes to penis enlargement. If you want a bigger penis, you’re going to have to accept the fact that it will probably take several weeks of uncomfortable work or surgery before you see a real difference. Before you settle on any type of penis enlargement method, be sure to check online for reviews. If a product actually works, it’s sure to have great reviews on impartial websites and forums, and not just on its own sales page. If in doubt, check around for reviews, and make sure the review isn’t posted by an affiliate. Surgery. Penile enlargement surgery involves severing some of the ligaments that connect the penis to the underside of your pelvic bone. The theory behind this is that since half to one third of the penis is “hidden” inside the body, by cutting some of these ligaments, more of the penis is exposed, and this will give it a lengthier appearance. You should know that this type of surgery comes with a 70 percent dissatisfaction rate. You should also know that this procedure carries a high risk of losing your ability to have an erection. This procedure is not recommended to men who simply want a cosmetic change in the appearance of their penis. Stretching. Stretching is a procedure that requires you to attach a device to your penis in order to extend it. One part of the device attaches to the base of the penis, and the other part attaches just behind the head. The extender is then pushed upward to elongate the penis A Free E-Book From 55 and hold it into the stretched position for a certain period of time. The traction is gradually increased, eventually stretching the penis larger and larger as it becomes accustomed to the new lengths. This is repeated daily for at least four hours each day, typically for at least six months. This method has been shown to be highly effective in increasing penis size at least one to two inches over the course of a year. The only thing is can’t do is increase the actual girth of the penis. This method is also sometimes used in conjunction with other methods in order to increase girth in addition to length. It is recommended that you only buy a high-quality device from a reputable manufacturer, as cheap devices could cause injury. Clamping. Clamping is a very risky practice that is not recommended. The ultimate goal of this technique is to increase the length and width of the penis. It used a shoe string, cock ring, or cable clamp to trap blood in the erect penis while performing a procedure known as 'edging'. Edging is an extended masturbation session in which the penis is constantly stimulated while the clamp (the string, clamp, or cock ring) is bound tightly at the base of the penis, trapping blood inside. It is highly dangerous! It can cause permanent and catastrophic damage to your penis. I do NOT recommend this technique, as it may damage your penis irreversibly, and it has NOT been shown to be effective! WARNING: If you do decide to try this, do not use a metal cock ring! A metal cock ring could trap so much blood that the ring would be impossible to remove without sawing it off or even amputating your penis! A Free E-Book From 56 Hanging. Hanging is one of the oldest penis enlargement methods. There is evidence that this may have been practiced by some tribes in Africa 2,000 years ago. Hanging involves attaching a large strap to the penis, gripping the penis just behind the glans (the head). A weight is attached to the penis, which pulls the penis downward, stretching it. The weight is raised in repetitions of five to 10 minutes at a time, starting with about 1/16 pound and going up to about ¼ pound, sometimes more. This increases the overall length of the penis, as well as strength and stamina. Weight hanging has many risks associated with it. You could suffer chronic pain, scarring, nerve damage, and even total impotence. If you are not trained to do this by a qualified professional, these risks are increased drastically. If you are going to attempt hanging, please see a medical professional who is highly-trained in this. Doing it by yourself can potentially injure you irreversibly. Inflatable Implants. Inflatable implants are used to increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa. The implants are placed in the penis, and a pump that runs through the groin or scrotum can be inflated by hand to fill the implants with air in order for the patient to achieve an erection. Typically, these implants are used for men with erectile dysfunction. When a man has trouble achieving an erection on his own, implanting this device can allow him to manually make his penis erect for intercourse. A Free E-Book From 57 However, these devices can also be used to increase the size of the penis when erect. Because the size of the erect penis is determined in large part by the capacity of the corpora cavernosa, which is the area that holds the blood in an erect penis, inflating the inserts manually can increase the size of the erection.The major drawback of this procedure is the fact that it can never be reversed. Thus, you should be absolutely certain you understand how the device works and that you really want the procedure before you have it done. So what penis enlargement options do you have? Fortunately, there are penis enlargement techniques that are both safe and effective. These exercises are designed to encourage new cells to grow in the penis corpora cavernosa, causing your penis to grow in length and in thickness permanently, safely and naturally. The Truth About Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs If you are like most men, you’ve probably thought about how great it would be to have a bigger penis. It doesn’t matter if your current size is above the average, it’s all about being the most that you can be. Penis exercises are one of the safest and most natural methods around. A lot of men who have tried this method have reported an increase in one to three inches in erect penile length within one to three months of doing the recommended exercises. They’ve also seen an increase in the thickness of their penis. Aside from these intended results, doing penis exercises have also allowed these men to reap other benefits such as increased stamina, better circulation, and a firmer erection. They’ve also noticed that they can control their ejaculate better and keep it in longer, resulting in a massive improvement in pleasure and satisfaction. A Free E-Book From 58 So if you are considering joining a penis enlargement exercise program, getting your facts straight is important. Here are the answers to the questions that are probably on the top of your head. Does it really work? The amazing thing about natural penis enlargement exercises is they do work. Hundreds of thousands of men (maybe even millions) worldwide have used these methods to safely and naturally increase the size of their penis. There are some men which shouldn’t attempt these kinds of exercises though. These would be men who are not in the best of health and those who suffer from Peyronie’s disorder which is a disorder in the soft tissues of the penis, causing it to have an abnormal and severe curvature. Is it safe? Penis exercises are one of the safest methods for increasing penis size. However, it is still possible to injure yourself when you use faulty exercises. That’s why it is important to make sure that you receive the exercise instructions from reputable sources. Is there an ideal age to start the exercise? Any one over 18 can benefit from penis exercises. Since it’s an exercise, does that mean I have to do it forever or lose the results? The great thing about these exercise programs, if you have a top notch provider, is that the methods you will be taught are those designed to give you permanent results. The exercises usually work out not just the muscles but their aim is to pave the way for A Free E-Book From 59 newer and stronger tissues to grow around the cell walls of the corpora cavernosa of your penis. Reputable providers will also recommend end-routine exercises, which allow you to keep your gains without having to do the exercises ever again. How much time do I need to devote to these exercises? Most exercises are actually very easy to do and will require only a modest investment from you in terms of time and effort. About 20 minutes every other day should be sufficient. Natural Exercises To Enlarge Penis Learn the Basics of Jelqing Jelqing is a method of making the penis larger by working out the smooth muscle and other types of tissue inside the penis itself. The ultimate goal is to increase the maximum size of the penis when it is fully erect. Also known as 'milking', jelqing works a lot like milking a cow, or even masturbating. The thumb and forefinger are wrapped around the penis while it is partially erect, and the penis is stroked outward away from the body, forcing blood into the glans (the head of the penis). This encourages more blood flow in the entire length of the penis, including the corpus cavernosum, which is the empty area in the penis that fills with blood upon erection. Jelqing is usually done after a brief warm up, during which a hot compress is places on the genitals for a few minutes. A hot compress is then reapplied for a few more minutes at the end of the exercises. If you are considering methods to increase the size of your penis, then safety should be your top priority. A Free E-Book From 60 There are a lot of methods currently being touted from pills to lotions and even surgery and each one carries its own risk. However, if you are looking for a method that’s effective, that’s been used by a lot of men over many, many years, and that’s safer than most other methods, then you should definitely look into natural exercises designed to enlarge the penis like jelqing. Jelqing is an exercise that’s designed primarily to increase the girth and the length of your penis. It doesn’t require you to take any substances or undergo any surgery. All you need to be able to apply these methods are your hands. And the best part about this method is that the gains you make are permanent. They won’t go away when you stop doing the exercises. Jelqing works by stimulating blood flow into your penis and encouraging the chambers of your corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa is the soft tissue component of your penis where the blood flows in, helping you achieve a firm erection. Imagine that your corpora cavernosa can be stimulated to grow new cells to make itself longer and thicker – this is exactly what jelqing accomplishes. Here are the steps for the jelqing exercise: Step 1: Go for a 40 percent to 50 percent erection. Step 2: With your right hand (if you are right handed, left if you are left handed), make a circle with you thumb and forefinger, with the middle, ring finger and pinky outstretched. It should look like you are making the OK sign. Step 3: With your OK sign, firmly hold the base of your penis and gently move your fingers toward the head of your penis. A Free E-Book From 61 Your hand should rest on the same area while you are doing this movement and not slide along the shaft of your penis. Step 4: Once your fingers are as close to the head of the penis as you can manage, release your grip. This constitutes one repetition. Initially, do 20 to 30 repetitions per session, gradually increasing it to 50 repetitions per session after a couple of weeks. Most men begin to see positive results after just a couple of weeks of doing this exercise. When done in conjunction with other penis exercises, this should help you not only achieve the bigger penis size that you want, but also improvement in other areas of your performance as well, such as increased stamina in bed, firmer erections, and even the ability to hold out longer before ejaculating. Jelqing is just one of the many natural exercises you can do to increase penis size. Gains of one to three inches and first results as early as 2 weeks have been reported with this technique when used in conjunction with the exercise program you will find on this website. Using Your Subconscious Mind to Improve Your Sex Life In The Five Minute Face Lift Workout you learned all about hypnosis and how it can help you look younger and live longer with virtually no effort. There definitely are things you can do with hypnosis that will also help you improve your sex life such as overcoming impotence, delay your ejaculation, overcome shyness and much more. A Free E-Book From 62 Old fashioned self hypnosis cassette tapes have been around for many years. I've been using them since the '70s to great effect but recent technological breakthroughs have taken this wonderful method of self-transformation to a whole new level with CD's and MP3 downloads. The following sexual problem hypnosis downloads will help give you the best chance of overcoming problems and improving your sexual experience. To learn more about each problem, send your browser to the web address given below each problem. Cure impotence and sexual performance anxiety. Earlier we looked at natural ways to cure and prevent impotence. Using self-hypnosis in addition to those methods is a good idea where impotence has psychological causes If you experience impotence due to physical causes such as illness, alcohol or performance anxiety and you begin to ask yourself “What if it happens again?”, a viscous psychological cycle can establish itself. This cycle causes stress, in itself a passion killer as well as worry that things will go wrong again, It causes stress, which is not the ideal state for getting and maintaining an erection. It causes you to rehearse things going wrong within your mind, which makes the problem worse. It makes you focus consciously on getting an erection - exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Hypnosis is such a great psychological impotence cure because it puts control of your sexual performance back in your unconscious mind where all your other automatic bodily functions are controlled. It also lowers performance anxiety and gets your mind back into the old pre-impotence patters on getting and maintaining an erection. A Free E-Book From 63 Give Cure Impotence a go at this website. Increase male libido through the power of the mind. We've already seen how plants can give your sex drive a huge, natural boost but did you know your mind can also have a big effect. It has been said that the biggest sex organ is the brain, which makes sense when you realize that your attitude to yourself, to others and to sex has a massive effect on your libido. This is how the Increase Male Libido self-hypnosis session helps help crank up your sex drive. Download Increase Male Libido now and boost your desire for sex starting today at this website. But using self-hypnosis to improve your sex life is only to exploit a small fraction of it's potential. This method of self-help can assist you in almost every area of your life, for instance getting rid of bad habits, being more self confident, improving sporting performance, losing weight and more. Check out the full range of possibilities at this website. A Free E-Book From 64 Conclusion This book has given you all the tools you need to turbo-charge your sex life. Now it's up to you to apply them to your life and reap the rewards. Remember some of the rules that we’ve covered: 1. Don’t do too much at once; start slow, and build a foundation of face, body and sexual fitness. 2. Eat healthy and properly so that you don’t 'hit the wall' as you become fit. 3. Keep a record of your successes through a journal or log. 4. Manage your time effectively so you can incorporate The Sex Muscle Workout Workout into your daily routine. 5. Perform the Penis Enlargement Workout at least once a day reap the benefits in the shortest possible time, and then continue doing it at least 3 times a week to maintain your face muscle and sex muscle fitness. 6. Take one or more of the natural aphrodisiacs mentioned in this book to keep your sex life active and enjoyable. Remember, sex is anti-aging too! A Free E-Book From 65 Resources by Chapter Male Impotence Causes and Cures Diabetes Chromium Vitamin C Vitamin E Zinc Heart Disease and High Cholesterol Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin A Selenium Garlic High Blood Pressure Co-Enzyme Q10 Depression Vitamin C Calcium Copper A Free E-Book From 66 Iron Magnesium Potassium St. John's Wort Prostate Surgery Zinc Smoking Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B Self-Hypnosis Drinking Evening Primrose Oil Self-Hypnosis Stress Vitamin C Vitamin B Self-Hypnosis A Free E-Book From 67 Hot Sex Herbs Vitamin B3 Muira Puama Catuaba Sarsaparilla Damiana Ginkgo Biloba Arginine Ashwagandha Ginseng Yohimbe Zinc Tribulus Terrestris Horny Goat Weed Maca Suma Fo Ti A Free E-Book From 68 Testosterone and Libido Max Testosterone: Larger Than Life How You Can Add Inches Penis Enlargement Program Using Your Subconscious Mind to Improve Your Sex Life Cure impotence and sexual performance anxiety Overcome delayed ejaculation using the power of your mind Overcome fear of sex and relax with your partner Increase male libido through the power of the mind Last longer during sex - sexual enhancement for men Overcome sexual performance anxiety Hypnosis can stop premature ejaculation ruining your sex life A Free E-Book From 69 Other Books from Goodall Copywriting This book will show you a quick and easy fitness routine that can make you look years younger in just minutes a day. A proven, simple, step-by-step facial exercise program that gives you a natural, non-surgical facelift in an amazingly short time. Use to remove frown lines, stop eyelid droop, smooth crow's feet, deflate eye bags, lift your cheeks, firm the mouth and reduce a flabby neck. It's the best workout you're not doing! Click here to learn more. A Free E-Book From 70