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Valentine's Day Text Messages




Valentine's Day text messages Are you too lazy to send your boyfriend or girlfriend a Valentine's Day Card? Aren't you very good with words? Why don't you write a text message instead? It is an easy, fast and, sometimes, funny way to tell someone you like them. Here are some mobile txt abbreviations to say "I love you!" WUBMV? Will you be my Valentine? ILUVU I love you :'-) I'm so happy, I'm crying. Xoxoxoxoxo Hugs and kisses LUWAM Love you with all my heart KOTL Kiss on the lips @}'-,-- A rose [email protected]>--,--- A dozen roses :-X My lips are sealed; or a kiss (Adapted for educational purposes from Writing Exercise Write a short Valentine's Day card to your loved one. Describe yourself very briefly, but do not write your name. Traditionally, Valentine's Day cards are unsigned. This makes it much more exciting. Use the abbreviations from the article or find more on the website.