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Adobe Form Interview Questions





ADOBE FORM INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: BANDIS TECHNOLOGY Contact: 040-64608866,9030098866 1. What are advantages of using ADOBE Form ? 2. How to provide subtotals & Grand Totals in Adobe Forms? 3. How to improve the performance in Adobe Form? 4. What are the different interface types supported? Explain? . 5. What are the prerequisite for developing an ADOBE forms? 6. Before starting any development how you know the interactive form is working or not? 7. Who installs ADOBE Lifecycle in your company? 8. What is used for opening/reading a form , Adobe Reader or Acrobat  Reader ? 9. What type of Layout is supported for XML based interface Type? 10. For a ADOBE form to function properly when integrated with webdynpro , what checks is need to make sure the form becomes interactive? (Note:Making the adobe form property as enabled itself is not enough for a form to be interactive ) 11. Did you ever worked with interactive forms? If you tell yes , he may ask you explain the business , how you transferred the data from form to backend SAP ? ( If no , then that may create create bad impression , so prepare for this question) 12. Which button is used to send the data from the form to webdynpro ? WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 1 13. Which scripting you have used in ADOBE form? 14. Could you explain me at least 3 scripting events used in form with their functionality? 15. What is the use of sub form set ? 16. What is the difference between adobe reader & Acrobat ? 17. What is the difference between on submit and send button Action of  Adobe form ? 18 . How to hide a toolbar of Adobe form ? 19 . What is the API related to Adobe Form ? 20. What is the use of PDFSOURCE property of interactive UI element ? 21. How to provide dynamic Logos in the form ? 22. How to handle the print forms using a program ? 23. What is the difference between online Vs Offline Forms Vs Print Forms? 24. When should i use the send button from WebdynproActive & WebdynproNAtive libraries? 25. What is the use of Sub form? 26. Which version of Adobe Lifecycle you have worked? 27. How to provide Footer in adobe form , which should print only in last  page ? 28. What you mean by DATA[*]? 29. How multiple records can be grouped based on header & Item ? 30. How to display the Grand Total with different currencies in adobe form using SFP & Webdynpro ? 31. How to achieve page breaks? WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 2 32. What is the use of content area ? 33. How many content areas you have maintained in your form ? 34. In which situation we need to have multiple content area ? 35. How to stop the header data of first page reappearing in remaining pages ? 36 . What are different pages we have in form layout ? 37. What are the different types of address we can show using address node ? 38 .What are different types of text supported by ADOBE form? 39. What properties i should maintain for sub form whenever there are multiple records in the DATA node ? 40.what is the actual use of property allow Page breaks within content in a sub form? 41. How to provide input field validations on the form ? 42. How to change the property of an input field from editable to read only 43. How to make a field as visible & invisible on the forms ? 44. How many ways i can create a adobe form using webdynpro abap ? 45.Can you tell me the process to upload a PDF form which is there in my MIME repository using webdynpro abap ? 46. How to link the drop downs in webdynpro abap with the Adobe form? 47. How to provide static and dynamic drop down values in the form? 48. What is the difference between drop down list and drop down? 49. How to provide background images in adobe form? 50. How many hours given for you for an adobe form development in your company? WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 3 51. What are the guidelines you have followed while developing the adobe forms? 52.Can we debug an adobe form ? 53. What type of interfaces are supported in both SFP & webdynpro abap ? 54.Can you add exporting parameters to form interface ? 55.Why the form interface development is independent unlike in smartform its within the form ? 56. Is it possible to use ABAP interface type in a webdynpro ?How? 57. Without binding PDFSOURCE , can i created interactive form? how? 58. What is the use of pagination tab in form layout ? 59. Can i make a form as interactive using SFP ?How? 60. How to know the version of adobe life cycle you are using in the form? 61.Is adobe form client dependent or independent? 62.What are the different barcode formats supported in webdynpro ? 63.What types of button are supported by webdynpro native libarary ? 65.How to incorporate webservices in adobe form? 66.How to convert a smartform into PDF ? 67. What are the different ways to send adobe form as attachments? 68. Did you customized any standard forms? 69. Can i send an ADOBE form as mail to user using workflow? How? 70. What settings is required in UWL (ESS-MSS) to receive a workitem with PDF attachment? 71. What are major differences with SFP Vs Webdynpro ABAP Form development ? WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 4 72. What are the difficulties you have faced with ADOBE form development  73. I also see in your resume you have experience with smartform ! which one you felt easier to develop , Smart form or Adobe Form ? (If the interview is for smartform or ABAP tell , smartform , If interview is for ADOBE form developer or webdynpro tell Adobe form, don’t try to be honest with interviewer  74. What you mean by ZCI ? 75. How many adobe form developments you have done so farrrr? 76. Can i show pop up messages on adobe form ? 77. Is it possible to delete or add a record from data node in adobe form at  runtime? How? 78 . What is ISR ? 79. How to create a spool for a Form in background? 80. What is the function module used to get the form Name in the program 81 . Where we can configure adobe forms? 82. What is the difference between Master Page and Design View ? 83. How to make a form accepting dynamic values using SFP? 84. How to provide digital signatures in Form? 85. How to provide page numbers in adobe form? 86. What is the difference between Adobe Form & Smart form? 86. Lets end up with an easy question!! I wanted a adobe form with input  fields enabled for my sales team .That form will be filled by sales representative at customers house and later uploaded it into SAP .How to achieve this? WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 5 WEBDYNPRO ABAP/WORKFLOW/ FPM/WEBDYNPRO CHIPS / BRF+ WITH OOPS &  ADVANCED OOPS BANDIS TECHNOLOGY :040-64608866 , 9030098866 Page 6