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Berić - 2. Kolokvij - Odgovori Na Pitanja-2

contemporary british liteartue




  Contemporary British LiteratureBerić – 2. kolokvij – odgovori na pitanja PART 1 a) 1.La Ronde It was one of the few lms of the ! #$s to %ontain overtly se&ualthemes. It was 'ased on a play of the same name. (he title a%tuallymeans the round dan%e. Its a story a'out ten illi%it se&ual en%ounters*and after ea%h en%ounter* one of the two partners form a liaison withthe ne&t person* resulting in an un'roken %ir%le +ronde) 'y the end. Inthe 'ook ,ow far %an you go* that sau%y -ren%h lm was performed inthe est /nd* and 0olly really liked it* 'ut the rest of the %hara%tersthought it was too vulgar and didnt want to wat%h it. 2.Tom  (om is a %hara%ter from the 'ook How far can you go . ,e was 1ngelas'rother and a priest* 'ut he left the %hur%h 'e%ause he wanted to marryosemary. ,e ended up having two kids with her. ,e was also presentat 1ngela and 3ennis wedding. 3.CMAC, Christian Marriage ____?____ Council?  (he missing word is advisory  . It was a %oun%il for young %ouples whowanted to get married 'ut who also needed some guidan%e throughthat pro%ess. 4.t !ude 4t 5ude is the patron saint of hope and impossi'le and lost %auses. ,ewas also one of 5esus srcinal twelve dis%iples. ,e prea%hed the 6ospelwith great passion* often in the most di7%ult %ir%umstan%es. (hroughthe power of the ,oly 4pirit* he made profound di8eren%es in peopleslives as he o8ered them the ord of 6od. In the 'ook ,ow far %an yougo* the %hara%ters went to a %hur%h %alled 9ur Lady and 4t 5ude. Lost%ause was per%eived as %hallenge of religion* marriage* and se&uality. .1#$% ! :; was the year when &umanae 'itae  was issued. (he date of itspu'li%ation was 5uly 2#. Humanae vitae  is Latin for Of Human Life  andit was a long<awaited en%y%li%al letter written 'y 0ope 0aul =I. 9ne of the su'titles was 9n the egulation of Birth* whi%h deals with issuesregarding 'irth %ontrol or %ontra%eption. It re<a7rms the orthodo&tea%hing of the Catholi% Chur%h regarding married love* responsi'leparenthood* and the %ontinued reje%tion of most forms of 'irth %ontrol.0ope 0aul =I did not a%%ept the %on%lusions arrived at 'y the 0onti%ialCommission on Birth Control esta'lished 'y his prede%essor 0ope 5ohn>>II. (he en%y%li%al was politi%ally %ontroversial mainly 'e%ause of itsprohi'ition of all forms of arti%ial %ontra%eption* 'ut it a7rmed!  traditional Chur%h moral tea%hing on the san%tity of life and theproa%tive nature of %onjugal relations. $.tudent Cross 4tudent Cross is the annual* e%umeni%al* %ross<%arrying* walkingpilgrimage to alsingham that takes pla%e over ,oly eek and /aster.It is the longest %ontinuous walking pilgrimage in Britain and it iswalked 'y students* graduates* and their families. It was founded in! ?; 'y a @niversity of London student who led a group of students*in%luding many e&<servi%emen* on a walk from London to alsingham*taking it in turns to %arry the Cross. (he students %arry a large wooden%ross in half a doAen stages while re%iting prayers and singing hymns. (.Re) e& is a %hara%ter from How far can you go . ,e was engaged to 0ollyfor a while. (hey went %amping so he planned to have se& with her 'uthe did not. %.*oroth+ 3orothy is a %hara%ter from How far can you go. 4he was 1drians wifewho didnt know anything a'out se&. #.ister Mar+ !oseh 4he was also a %hara%ter from How far can you go. ,er srcinal namewas uth* 'ut she %hanged her name to 4ister ary 5oseph when she'e%ame a nun. 1-.1#$$ 1s a response to world events that didnt 'ring mu%h hope intoChristians lives* one of the ministers who ordinarily prea%hed only on%eon a 4unday* announ%ed that in the afternoon there would 'e a pu'li%prayer<meeting in the Chur%h. (he o%%asion was one of e&traordinaryinterest* and many hearts were deeply tou%hed. 1s one result* theminister suggested that in the future* the ten days 'etween 1s%ensionand hitsunday should 'e o'served 'y daily prayer<meetings. Its 'een#$ years sin%e this was rst introdu%ed. 0eople prayed for ea%h other* learned a'out the ,oly 4pirit whi%h givesgifts of faith* healing* prophe%y* and so on. 1 %hara%ter from How far can you go * uth* e&perimented wth 0ente%ostal prayer meetings alongwith the other nuns. 11.The &eart o the Matter  (he ,eart of the atter +! ?;) is a novel written 'y /nglish author6raham 6reene. (he 'ook des%ri'es a life<%hangin moral %risis of a%hara%ter ,enry 4%o'ie. 6reene found inspiration for this 'ook while hewas working as a British intelligen%e o7%er in 4ierra Leone. 9ne of theuotations e&plaining the title is the followingD EIf one knew* hewondered* the fa%ts* would one have to feel pity even for the planetsF If one rea%hed what they %alled the heart of the matterFE2   (he ,eart of the atter was i%haels +a %hara%ter from How far can you go ) favourite novel. 12.1# $ ! #: was the year of many important events* espe%ially for the%hara%ters from ,ow far %an you go. =iolet had a mis%arriage* therewas a huge mar%hGrally in ,yde 0ark organiAed 'y students of [email protected]. 1lso* Cardinal indsAetry was imprisoned 'y %ommunists in,ungary. oreover* 3ennis proposed to 1ngelaH 13./icole i%ole is a %hara%ter from ,ow far %an you go. 4he was 3ennis and1ngelas youngest %hild* and she was 'orn with 3owns syndrome. 14.0atican Roulette =ati%an oulette* also known as a Jrhythm methodK is a 'irth %ontrolmethod %hara%teriAed 'y a'stinen%e from se&ual inter%ourse during theperiod of ovulation +method of %ontrolling %on%eption without the aid of a %ontra%eptive devi%e). Catholi%s used that method in planning their%hildren and sin%e it wasnKt a%tually safe* they %ould never knowwhether they will get pregnant or not. 1 %hara%ter from How far can you go * (essa* joked a'out it when she was e&pe%ting her ? th  %hild. 1 .Mr and Mrs rien /dward and (essa planned on going to the Catholi% engaged %ouples%onferen%e 'ut they ended up on the %onferen%e for married %ouplesand they e&pe%ted to get two rooms 'ut got one with two 'eds 'e%ausethe nun assumed they were married. (hey had se& in this room for therst time.') 1.Amaing 5race 1maAing 6ra%e is a Christian hymn pu'lished in ! * and written 'y 5ohn ewton. It is one of the most re%ogniAa'le songs in the /nglish<speaking world 'e%ause of the message that forgiveness andredemption are possi'le regardless of sins %ommitted and that the soul%an 'e delivered from despair through the mer%y of 6od. In How far can you go * the song was sang at mass in a %ollege %hapel. 2.0atican Roulette M 3.CC ItKs an a%ronym for JCatholi%s for an 9pen Chur%hK. It is a so%iety inwhi%h* over time* all the %hara%ters from ,ow -ar Can Nou 6o 'e%omemem'er* the most engaged one is 1drian and his wife 3orothy*together with -ather Brierley +later %alled only 1ustin)O  4.Linda Lo'elace Linda Lovela%e +real nameD Linda 4usan Boreman) was an 1meri%anpornographi% a%tress famous for her performan%e in the ! 2 hard%oreporn lm 3eep (hroat. 1lthough the lm was an enormous su%%ess atthe time* it was later alleged that BoremanKs a'usive hus'and hadthreatened and %oer%ed her into performan%e. Linda Lovela%eKs namewas mentioned 'y 0olly in the 'ook How far can you go . .!oe  5oe is a %hara%ter from the 'ook Clockwork Orange . ,eKs a%tually anunfamiliar man* a lodger renting 1le&Ks room. $.t !ude M (.tarr+ Ptitsas It is a phrase from the 'ook Clo%kwork 9range. J4tarryK and JptitsaK arewords from adsat language +1nthony BurgessK invented slang thatin%orporates mostly ussian and Co%kney /nglish). J4tarryK means JoldKand JptitsasK means JwomenK* so the phrase Jstarry ptitsasK means JoldwomenK. %./icole and Anne i%ole is the name of the daughter of 3ennis and 1ngela from ,ow -ar Can Nou 6o* she was 'orn with 3ownKs syndrome. 1nne is also a daughter of 3ennis and 1ngela* she is older than i%ole and died in a tra7% a%%ident. #.1# $ M 1-.La Ronde M 11.The A6eran traged+  (he 1'erfan disaster was a %atastrophi% %ollapse of a %olliery spoil tip +apile 'uilt of a%%umulated spoil – the over'urden or other waste ro%kremoved during %oal and ore mining) in the elsh village of 1'erfan on2! 9%to'er* ! ::. !!: %hildren and 2; adults were killed in thistragedy. It was %aused 'y a 'uild<up of water in the a%%umulated ro%kand shale +Pkrilja%)* whi%h suddenly started to slide downhill in the formof slurry +liuid waste produ%ed 'y mountain top removal mining). 12.1#$3 It was a year of 5ohn 0rofumoKs resignation as prime minister of the @Q +9%to'er ! :O.) (he event pre%eding his resignation was %alled J(he0rofumo a8airK and it was a British politi%al s%andal that srcinated in! :! 'etween 5ohn 0rofumo* the 4e%retary of 4tate for ar andChristine Qeeler* a ! <year<old would<'e model. 13.&umanae 0itae M?