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Bock Saga Update

THE BOCK SAGA Historical Evidence for Lord of the Rings and Ancient Human Origins? The Legend Comes to Life: . . . . entering the realm of the forbidden A highly controversial topic ... and yet, the complex and greatly detailed accounts of its existence will likely lead the reader to consider the authenticity of these legends. Could it all be true? The legends cannot as yet be disproven; therefore, let the reader be the judge! Introduction by Paula Peterson The Bock Saga is more than




  THE BOCK SAGA Historical Evidence for Lord of the Rings and Ancient Human Origins ?   The Legend Comes to Life: . . . . entering the realm of the forbidden   A highly controversial topic ... and yet, the complex and greatly detailed accounts of its existence will likely lead the reader to consider the authenticity of these legends. Could it all be true? The legends cannot as yet be disproven; therefore, let the reader be the  judge! Introduction by Paula Peterson  The Bock Saga is more than a living historical document; it was the srcinal scenario for human existence, a handbook for humans to live by, authored by Alphernas Beten itself - the prayer of the Elves. In keeping up with the latest in archeological discoveries - at least the ones that are made public - one can read about a new discovery nearly every month that blows the previous theories of human srcin right out of the water. The Bock Saga is one such piece of evidence that has the potential to rock the foundations of long-standing worldwide institutions. The discovery of the Bock Saga brings some fascinating historical information to light which could mark the beginnings of a total revision of what we currently know about the very early srcins of humanity as it applies to the ice age and before. It's quite remarkable, wherein much of it is supported by geophysical and archeological research. Excavations in Finland are producing evidence of a vast, peaceful, and well-developed culture living in the realm of the Arctic Circle prior to the Ice Age - a culture that survived the great cataclysmic shift of the earth's axis - which thrust all the lands of Paradise into Ice-Time: the era of Altlandis ( all-the-land-is-ice, in the ancient language).   generation for tens of thousands of years through the ancient oral traditions and kept secret through a forced agreement with the Roman Catholic Church more than 1000 years ago. One family - considered the oldest on earth - has kept the oral history alive and secret - until now. The Bock Saga is a fascinating and thought provoking account that reveals the early srcins of humanity as well as the roots of the alphabet, words and language. This primordial knowledge challenges many long established and accepted histories as well as many religious institutions, the ancient texts that birthed them, and challenges long standing beliefs regarding well-known Biblical figures. Some of the information may seem hard to accept while other portions will ring true in the deepest places of the readers soul. There is much information to read on this page. It is controversial whereas some of the material crosses the threshold into the realm of the forbidden. The article written by Les Whale of Australia is absorbing and extensive. However, it is greatly important to read the entire article - at the readers convenience, of course - to gain the larger picture of what is being presented here: for to read only a few portions - here and there - is to risk an incomplete understanding or misinterpretation. What is most interesting is that much of the history of these ancient races is similar enough to Lord of the Rings,  to make significant comparisons. It has been stated by some researchers that J.R.R. Tolkien likely had knowledge of the Bock Saga - as well as other ancient folklore of Finland - which provided the foundation for his famous trilogy. It makes sense that Tolkien presented such controversial knowledge and history as a fictional story in order to stave off ridicule and angst from hard-core skeptics and scholars. Lord of the Rings  is a powerful way to expose both fact and allegory to a huge audience - to trigger collective memory - and perhaps prepare the masses for the deeper truths to come: for those of a more sensitive nature will glean the truth and see through the disguise of facts presented as fable. Feel free to link to this page ~ Thank you !    The Bock Saga: Ancient Time Capsule  by Les Whale      Earthcode International Network One of humanity’s greatest challenges lies in the effort it takes to adopt new perspectives while utilizing old belief systems in order to steer a course towards the best possible future. This challenge is constantly in conflict with established belief systems relating to our past; present and future for these belief systems are the central wheels of the Academic hierarchy involving all aspects of humanity, including religion. Many of us are only just coming around to the realization that civilization was indeed thriving and highly evolved in our ancient past. With each day that passes and with each new discovery that comes to light, the truth of this is more and more difficult to ignore and deny. Consider for a moment that our ancestors knew their civilization was facing natural disasters and cataclysmic changes. Would they have had the foresight into our future to create a mandate and provide future descendants with time capsules containing their knowledge and experiences? Absolutely! We can say this with certainty for we are really no different today in that respect. Today there is a strong and growing body of evidence indicating the Bock Sa-Ga is such a time capsule that contains knowledge dating back more than 50 million years. According to the Sa-Ga, it was decreed over 10,000 years ago that the surviving Bock family would release the information in 1984 and not before. It was perceived that by this date human genetics would once more have the capacity for wholeness, enabling people to understand how to live in harmony with nature and each other and therefore properly utilize the information. Is the information contained in the Bock Saga true, and more to the point, is it accurate? The test of time will tell. This article is merely an introduction to the astounding wealth of rare knowledge that is being presented by Ior (ee-or) Bock, the last surviving descendant of the Bock family who has been entrusted with the key to its resurrection. In the 1980’s a group called The Positive Foundation gathered together to begin excavation in an area near Helsinki in Finland believed to be the location of Lemminkäinen temple. According to the Bock Sa-Ga, within its hidden halls there dwells a repository of human knowledge and existence on our planet dating back millions of years.   I was handed a document in 1995 that was called The Bock Saga. My initial read of this thesis was of significant interest as it answered a number of research areas I had been investigating for a number of years. Much of this research was out side mainstream beliefs yet put together was pointing to a very different understanding of life on our planet. It was also clear to me that without this research one would dismiss The Bock Saga as an over fertile mind and ridiculous. In 1996 I was able to listen to three audiotapes with Ior Bock talking about The Bock Saga, his family history. From these tapes I was able to understand the depth of knowledge that Ior Bock was trying to impart and how this knowledge could make a significant change to how we think and behave. It was clear that at that time Ior Bock had released only a portion of the information he had to share. I therefore waited for further information to be released. At that time in 1996 I was also able to get some of the information of the Bock Saga via a web site J.Weber and the Positive Foundation. Also a web site by A Barker (this site is still on line), and appears to be the same as it was five years ago. Since that time the Positive Foundation web site information has been removed. No new information has been made available and in fact there appears to be far less available now than there was five years ago. In 1998 I started to read the Wingmakers material (another fascinating and controversial cosmology) and was conscious of certain links to the Bock Saga. I was still hoping that someone more qualified than myself would release the information of the Bock Saga to all who had a desire to expand their consciousness.  At the beginning of this year 2001 the latest Wingmaker material was made available and further links are made to the Bock Saga material. I feel it is now time to make this information available and my own research for others to expand upon. Whether the Wingmakers material is indeed true is in my mind of no concern as the information it imparts expands our understanding that we are as yet not whole and truly need a new direction for the well being of all who live on our planet. ORIGINS OF HUMANITY The Sa-Ga is a history and mystery so huge it defies description. To date, Ior Bock has released information about four major periods in Earth's history. These periods are Paradise time, Atlantis, the time following Atlantis and the New Times. All of this knowledge is known as the Väinämöinen Mythology.  According to the Sa-Ga's history of human evolution, which dates to the first seeds of life on this Earth, the seeds grew and evolved to a