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Csc Errf Form





Examination Re Records rds Request Form (ERRF) Republic of the Philippines FF!"E #$%E (July 2009) &ate' +ime' "!! *ER!"E "%%!**!# REQUEST FOR EXAMINATION RECORDS Authentication of Eligibility Eligibility  (attach ori,inal certificate) Certification of Eligibility  (for lost ori,inal certificate) #ERSONA+ INFORMATION (Please print.) print.) ,erification of Eligibility Other! #ame of Examinee-Eli,ible' ast #ame First #ame %iddle #ame  $ddress .sed at the +ime of Exam' /ender' #ame .sed at the +ime of Exam (for %arried omen)' "i1il *tatus' &ate of irth' Place of irth' "urrent-%ailin, $ddress' Purpose of Request' Presently employed: (+es ( +es or No) No ) !f yes3 specify Employer and $ddress' EXAMINATION&E+I*I-I EXAMINATION&E+I*I-I+IT/ +IT/ DATA DATA %Please print.* +itle of Exam-Eli,ibility' Place of Exam-!ssuance' &ate of Exam-!ssuance' Ratin, btained' Reg. No. for PD 1006/RA 1080/Other Special Laws: Registration Date: (Failure to fill up this portion shall mean denial of the request) Requested y' *i,nature of the   *i,nature at the +ime of Exam Examinee-Eli,ible $uthori4ed Representati1e (Printed #ame and *i,nature) Right Thu"b #rint "ontact #o5 $E%a"inee&Eligible' "ontact #o5 ACTION TA(EN C)EC(ED DATA A*AINST T)E M+ oo6 #o5 Pa,e #o5 *chool "ode-atch #o5 C)EC(ED DATA A*AINST T)E #S# *eq5-ine #o5 !n rder Examinee-Re,5 #o5 #ot !n rder   Picture-Photo &ate Released' *i,nature NO A,AI+A-+E ,AI+A-+E RECORD &ate of irth REMAR(S *E".R!+7 FR% #5 Na"e&Signature&Initial Na"e&Signature&Initial of ,erifier ,erifier an. ,ali.ator! 8st erifier' 2nd erifier' &ate' &ate' 8st alidator' 2nd alidator' &ate' &ate'  $ttested by'   RE+EASE OF REQUEST&S Fee Released by Recei1ed by 5R5 #o5   &ate' Action Officer Printe Na!e " Signat#re of $llient   %Please see &#ie an Re'#ire!ents at the (ac) page.* &ate'  +ime'  *UIDE IN ACCOM#+IS)IN* T)E EXAMINATION RECORDS REQUEST FORM $ERRF' 85 &o not lea1e any blan6 unans;ered in accomplishin, the request form5 5 a e sure t at a n ormat on you pro1 e are true an as ;r tten n your app cat on or exam nat on5 5 , t t um pr nt are c ear an ; t out smu ,es5 C)EC(+IST OF REQUIREMENTS A0 CERTIFICATION OF E+I*I-I+IT/ $for lot original certificate' 5 ne p ece nc y nc p cture ; t name ta, an s ,nature a xe pr or to a1 n, t e p oto,rap ta en ,nature must e on top o t e pr nte name5 e p oto,rap s ou a1e een ta en ; t n t ree mont s pr o r to filin, of request for "ertification of Eli,ibility5 > *canned3 computer?,enerated photo-name-si,nature ;ill not be accepted5 25 Properly accomplished ERRF 5 ;o 1a ent cat on ar s 5 ert cat on ee' p 5 per copy 5 t rou, a representat 1e or t e request n, party s a roa 3 p ease re er to a t ona requ rements e o;5 -0 AUT)ENTICATION OF E+I*I-I+IT/ 85 ri,inal "ertificate of Eli,ibility or Report of Ratin, 5 roper y accomp s e 5 ne 1a ent cat on ar request n, party s t e exam nee e , e ;o 1a ent cat on ar s o t e exam nee e , e request s e t rou, a representat 1e 5 ut ent cat on ee' p 5 per copy A5 !f throu,h a representati1e or if the requestin, party is abroad3 please refer to additional requirements belo;5 o ces or ent cat on 5 ompany 5 axpayer s <5 Passport ar s: 5 oter s 5 5 /*!* !& 5 r 1er s cense 5 cense 95 #+ icense ADDITIONA+ REQUIREMENTS . request or cert cat on or aut ent cat on s e t roug a 5 ut or 4at on etter or pec a o;er o ttorney  an 5 ne 1a ent cat on ar o t e representat 1e5 5 5 earance o ce earance epresentat ve: B. If the requesting part of the certification or authentication !or"s/#ives A$road: 85 "opy of Passport and G duly authenticated-1alidated by the Philippine Embassy or   5 opy o one ent cat on ar 5 onsu ar ce