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me, myself and my day master series The Basics of BaZi & The Ten Day Masters I N T RODUC T ION M E , M YS E L F & M Y DAY MA S T E R S E R I E S | I N T R O D U C T I O N BaZi the heartbeat of your future It is not always that you get what you desire with ease. Sometimes, things go as bad as it could before you get what you wish for. Sometimes, you don’t even make to the finishing line. Has it ever crossed you mind why all these occur? The answers to your questions lies in four pillars. Yes, you read that right. But they are not just ordinary pillars. They are the Four Pillars of Destiny, a system that has been used for years since ancient China. Also known as BaZi, the Four Pillars of Destiny is a tool used to discover and put to use all your potentials, limits and possibilities that can make your life shine bright. The Four Pillars of Destiny literally means ‘Eight Characters’. Why, you ask? Four pair of characters build the four pillars, which means a total of eight characters. These four pillars, known as Jia Zi, gives our birth information, the year, month, day and hour of birth. On the other hand, the eight characters that fill in the four pillars comprises of the Yin and Yang polarity of five elements, namely wood, earth, water, fire and metal. It is perhaps safe to say that BaZi is one of the most intriguing field to study in Chinese Metaphysics. This is because BaZi has a limitless methods and real life applications to study and master, with many interesting theories and principles. Basically, BaZi begins with your day of birth, in which is found in the Day Master or the Day Stem in the chart. To make it easier for you, you can find your Day Master at the ‘Heavenly Stem’ section of your Day Pillar. Copyright © 2016 by Joey Yap Research International Sdn.Bhd pg 1 M E , M YS E L F & M Y DAY MA S T E R S E R I E S | I N T R O D U C T I O N Below is an example of the location of the Day Master for a Yi Wood person: 時 Hour 日 Day 月 Month 年 Year 天 干 Yang Wood Heavenly Stems Jia 地 支 Earthly Branches But first you need your chart. I have that sorted for you. All you have to do is, click this link and key in your details. You will get your chart in a matter of seconds! The upper half of your four pillars in the Heavenly Stem, which is the surface Qi. It gives you information on your exterior characters, such as friendly or stubborn and the like. Basically it is what others see from the outside; their first impression. The bottom half of your pillar denotes the Earthly Branches (with animal signs). It shows the build of a person’s inside. This doesn’t mean physically. It means the hidden attitude and personalities that you notice once you get to know a person. The Heavenly Stems has a total of ten members, which are Yin and Yang polarity of Fire, Metal, Earth, Water and Wood. This is where the heartbeat of the chart, the Day Masters are derived from. Day Masters are used to discover your nature and personalities, to answer the simple yet universal question: who you are. Copyright © 2016 by Joey Yap Research International Sdn.Bhd pg 2 How to Plot your BaZi Chart STEP 1 Go to this link STEP 2 Type in your name, gender, date of birth and time of birth. Click Plot BaZi Chart button. Copyright © 2016 by Joey Yap Research International Sdn.Bhd STEP 3 Your Chart will appear as per below. For questions or assistance, call +603-2284 1213 or email [email protected] Ivan | 05 Oct 1979 (09:32PM) | DAY MASTER : Yi Yin Wood Celestial Animal : Goat Noble People : Monkey, MALE Rat Log off W LIFE STAR QI MEN DESTINY PALACE : Life Stem : Yi Door of Destiny : Harm Intelligence : Horse Star of Destiny : Grain Peach Blossom : Horse Guardian of Destiny : Chief Sky Horse : Pig Solitary : Monkey Life Palace : Yang Water Monkey Conception Palace : Yang Wood Rat 3 Jade zhen A Wood FAVORABLE DIRECTIONS NATAL CHART : S Tian Yi(Heavenly Doctor) : N Yan Nian(Longevity) : Fu Wei(Stability) : Day Hour Month Year Heavenly Stems Sheng Qi(Life Generating) SE Yi Yin Wood E : SW Wu Gui(Five Ghosts) : NW Liu Sha(Six Killings) : Jue Ming(Life Threatening) : Hidden Stems Yi Yin Wood Jia Yang Wood NE W 69 79 59 Bing Yang Fire 49 Ding Yin Fire 39 Here Ji Yin Earth Wu Yang Earth 29 9 19 Geng Yang Metal Age Ren Yang Water Xin Yin Metal Luck Pillars DE Chou Zi Yang Wood Xin Ji Gui Wu Jia -Water -Metal -Earth -Water +Earth +Wood 7K IW DW IR Bing +Fire RW Rabbit Yin Wood Yi -Wood HO Wu Yi -Water +Earth -Wood IR DW : Regulus S : Celestial Advisor SW : Great Moon N : Heavenly Noble NW : Swagger : Extractor E : Salty Pool +Metal +Fire DO Horse Yang Fire Wu +Earth HO Wei DW Day Stem Ding -Fire Goat Yin Earth Ji -Earth EG IW Month Stem Ding -Fire EG Ji Yi -Earth -Wood IW : Geng Rest +Metal DO +Water DR Destructor Heart Grass Stars Fear Delusion Scenery Doors Hour Branch Day Branch Earth Relief Moon Sky Noble Fortune Virtue Prosperity Star Heavenly Virture Grand Duke Combination Nobleman The Treasure Star Six Harms Solitary Piercing Rope Heavenly Officer Charm Death God Great Assembly Sky Charm Robbery Sha Curled Tongue Drapes Crossing Sha Month Branch Sun Heavenly Yi Sky Gracious Sky Emptiness Salty Pool Bad Qi Solid Killing Annual Sha Year Branch 2016 Red Matchmaker Surpassing Path Sickness Charm Sky Sha Lonesome Year Sha Bing Yang Fire Shen Monkey Yang Metal Green Dragon Red Matchmaker Star Hero Deity Sun Wu Geng Ren +Earth +Metal +Water DW DO DR Tortoise © JOEY YAP D JOEY YAP'S BAZI PROFILING SYSTEM ™ 10 PROFILES STRENGTH CHART 5 STRUCTURES C Your 5 Structures This is your 10 years Luck Pillar Elements Life Year Stars Door DW Grain 2016 QI MEN LIFE PALACE Stem Wu Geng Ren +Earth F Year Stem Hook Spirit SE Shen Monkey Yang Metal ANNUAL BAZI STARS W NE Geng Bing F Hour Stem 2016 QI MEN MOBILITY DIRECTIONS Wu Snake Yin Fire Gui F THE BAZI CHART - 2016 QI MEN ELEMENTS 2016 Si Chen Dragon Yang Earth Mao B Hidden Stems Gui IR DE Yin Tiger Ox Yin Earth Rat Yang Water You can locate your Day Master in this pillar. Earthly Branches UNFAVORABLE DIRECTIONS Hou Hai(Mishaps) 89 Print GUA EARTH FIRE The Warrior (Seven Killings) 88% The Diplomat (Direct Officer) 75% The Pioneer (Indirect Wealth) 69% The Analyzer (Direct Resource) 55% The Philosopher (Indirect Resource) 48% The Performer (Hurting Officer) 42% The Artist (Eating God) 41% The Director (Direct Wealth) 41% The Friend (Friend) 40% The Leader (Rob Wealth) 17% METAL WATER WOOD Main Structure : Supporters JOEY YAP Main Profile : The Warrior (Seven Killings) Copyright © 2002 - 2016 by Joey Yap Research International Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved worldwide. Please take note that the charts, designs and terminologies used are Joey Yap's original literary expression and are copy protected. Reproduction of terminologies, layouts and designs in any form without the express written consent from Joey Yap is prohibited. Copyright © 2016 by Joey Yap Research International Sdn.Bhd Your 10 Profiles here About Joey Yap Dato' Joey Yap is the celebrated and global bestselling author with more than 166 books published and counting. His literary work has been translated and published in every continent of the world, making it to the local best sellers list on numerous occasions and sold more than 4,200,000 copies. Some of the bestsellers published have also earned The Merit Award from The Asean Book Publisher Association. He is a passionate and internationally renowned speaker who is highly sought after in business communities and corporate events. His talks have an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. 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