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Midland Canada Day Schedule

Complete events listing for the Town of Midland's Canada Day celebrations on July 1.




  2015 MIDLAND CANADA DAYWednesday, July 1 st LITTLE LAKE PARK10:0a! #:00$! * Small fee applies 9:00am - 8:00pmMidland Civitan Invitational Lacrosse tournament will be taking place at the North imcoe ports and !ecreation Centre all weekend including ednesda# $ul# % st  & Come out and cheer them on' %0:(0am & ):(0pmMasonichip *+ree, child identi+ication  program & skennonia !oom N!C %0:(0am startMidland Civitan Club .arade - /his #ears  parade marshal is: ADAM DIXON Inductedinto the Midland ports 1all o+ 2ame in eptember 30%)45ron6e medallist at 30%) .aral#mpics47ancouver 30%0 .aral#mpic team member on world championship goldin 3008 30%(%0:(0am - ):00pmrts and Cra+t how%%:00am & ):00pm; - Laser /ag <must be 8=> & asaga .aint 5all%%:00am*/r# it out ?umba 2itness, & Little Lake .ark .avilion * %%:00am & ;:[email protected]s - 55A * %3:00pm - ):00pmCivitan .i66a%%:00am - ):00pmntiBue Cars ispla#%%:00am & ):00pm1ave #our +aces pro+essionall# painted b# Mabel Moon 2acepainting%%:00am & ):00pmMrD 5 and 2riends .er+ormance and Cra+ts%%:00am - ):00pm8; +tD 5ootcamp Ebstacle %%:00am & ):00pmFids !ock Climbing /readwall%%:00am - ):00pm!oller Coaster lide%%:00am - ):00pmisne# Cars ouble Lane lide%%:00am - ):00pm.addle heeler 5oat !ide with lagoon%%:00am - ):00pmlam unk 5ounce%%:00am & ):00pm/-5all Cage with +loating 5all  %%:00am & ):00pmM# Little 2arm <interactive pla# +or ages G @ under>%%:00am & ):00pm%3 eat Mechanical wing !ide%%:00am & ):00pmHeorgian 5a# . & paddle board demos and instruction%%:00am & ):00pmMake #our own /ie #e hirts4scarves %0 1ats 8 and bandanas ; LE o++ering a sand bottle art station ; glitter tattoos ; and hair +eathers /5%%:00am & ):00pm5opping 1eads Jntertainment 7ideo< Be the star of your own music entertainment video! No talent required!! Using green screen technology it is simple, fast and fun! Just choose a song from our song list,put on a green cloak, take a seat on a stool and bop your head to the music! That is it!! our head will be placed on a professional dancers body our music entertainment video is now ready for you to take home and watch again and again! %%:00am & ):00pmMetis Nation o+ Entario Kouth ummer Cultural .rogram <Metis t#le ancing numerous games and cra+ts> %%:00am & ):00pmFids 5ook ale %%:00am & ):00pm1uronia pecial El#mpics 5ooth%%:00am - ):00pmHeorgian 5a# 7olunteer earch @ !escue & mini putt%%:00am & ):00pmIsageni 5ooth%%:00am & ):00pm*/r# it out, bowling with 5a#shore Lanes Midland%%:00am & ):00pm evern ound Jnvironmental ssociation%%:00am & ):00pm Natural 1enna /attoos%%:00am & ):00pmMidland lliance Church & 2ree suckers and+ace painting%%:00am & ):00pm/err# 2o 2oundation 5ooth%%:00am & ) 7alu 5ooth%%:00am & ):00pmMusic +or #oung Children 5ooth  %%:00am & ):00pmhawns Mied Martial rts and el+ e+ense%%:00am & ):00pm2ellowship o+ Christian 2armers & Canada 5ooth%%:00am & ):00pmustainable evern ounds 30%; Communit# ustainabilit# urve# 5ooth%%:00am & ):00pm2!JJ Cake <sponsored b# the 5I> * %%:00am & ):00pmJlegant Hourmet%%:00am & ;:00pm;04;0 tickets & Midland Lions Club CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT %%:00am & %%:(0amEne Man Circus how%3:00pm & %:00pm5ubbleolog# how%3:00pm & %:00pmtrolling cts%:00pm & %:(0pm IL J/ 1E %:(0pm & 3:00pmEne Man Circus how3:(0pm & (:(0pm5ubbleolog# how3:(0pm & (:(0pmtrolling cts(:(0pm & ):00pm IL J/ 1E %:00pm N (:%;pm$uggler %:);pm N ):00pm7entriloBuist3:(0pm N ):);pmMagician ROTARY ENTERTAINMENT SHOWCASE – MC – Steve Pasi! #$%%pm – &$%%pm & STAR CO'NTRYDE(A )')ICIO'S CIRCLE'P AND COMIN +AND ,SWEET-IRE.SMO/IN (AMES CASTON a!0 1is & STRIN +AN(O   &$%%pm&%2&% D3a4 – A!!56!7e0 at t1e Sta8e 10PM %IREW&RK'R&TARY PARK PENETAN()I'*ENE