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Project Report Vengalam Kuttipuram Nh 17 _package Ii

Project Report Vengalam Kuttipuram NH 17 _Package II from national highway authoruty of india website.




  Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and DPR for 4/6 lane Divided carriageway of NH-17,Kannur to Kuttipuram in the State of Kerala (Package No. NHDP-III/DL5/13) PKG-II (Km. 230.00 to Km. 318.00)   Project Report  2 - 1 CONTENTS Sl.No.Description Page No.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Es-1 to Es-12 1. INTRODUCTION 1-1 to 1-32. PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2-1 to 2-643. SOCIO ECONOMIC PROFILE 3-1 to 3-364. TRAFFIC 4-1 to 4-265 PRELIMINARY ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT 5-1 to 5-136.RESETTLEMENT ACTION PLAN INCLUDINGMAGNITUDE OF SOCIAL IMPACT   6-1 to 6-97. COST ESTIMATE 7-1 to 7-4    Project Description Project Report  2 - 2 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND National Highways Authority of India has decided to take up the development,maintenance and management of various National Highway corridors/sections underNHDP Phase-III Programme of 4/6 laning of 10,000 km on BOT basis where theintensity of traffic has increased significantly and there is requirement for augmentationof capacity for safe and efficient movement of traffic. The present project study isconcerned with Kannur (km 148.00) – Kuttipuram (km 318.00) section of NH-17 in theState of Kerala.The project road has almost continuous ribbon development through out the projectcorridor. The existing road has configuration of two lane wide highway which is proposedto be upgraded to four-lane divided carriageway with paved shoulders partially accesscontrolled highway. 1.2 CONSULTANCY SERVICES M/s Intercontinental Consultants & Technocrats Pvt. Ltd., A-8, Green Park, New Delhi,India was appointed as Consultants vide letter no NHAI/BOT/11012/58/13/2006/369dated 30.03.2006 to carry out the Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for4/6 laning of the section from Kannur (km 148.00) to Kuttipuram (km 318.00) of NH-17. This work has been assigned as Contract Package No. NHDP-III/DL5/13.Location of the project road is depicted in Index Map placed as Fig. 1.1 .The main objective of the consultancy services is to establish the technical, economicaland financial viability of the project. The scope and principal objective of the consultancyservices is contained in the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the consultancy services, whichis a part of the contract agreement. 1.3   PROJECT DESCRIPTION NH-17 a British era road, srcinally named as West Coast Road takes off at Panaval (nearMumbai) and terminates at Edappally in Cochin. The highway passes through Goa,Mangalore, Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Kuttipuram and finally terminates atEdapally (in Cochin) and joins NH-47. The highway was re-organised with its ‘zero’chainage point at Mangalore. The Mangalore – Edapally section of the road was declaredas NH in 1972 and alignment was subsequently modified in 1974. Section of NH-17between Km 18.050 – 438.827 with a length of about 420 km falls in the state of Kerala.The road passes through Kasaragod (Km 50), Kannur (Km 148), Kozhikode (Km 245),Kuttipuram(km 318) and joins NH-47 at Edapally at Km 438.827.The Kannur – Kuttipuram section of the road falls mainly in the State of Kerala coveringthree districts of Kannur, Kozhikode and Mallapuram with 1.505 km falling in districtMahe of Pondicherry State. 1.3.1 Construction Packaging As per policy of NHAI the road project into be on BOT basis. As decided in consultationwith NHAI by the project has been divided in Two Construction Packages (i) Km. 148.00to Km. 230.00 and (ii) Km. 230.00 to Km. 318.00. Accordingly the Draft PreliminaryProject Report has been prepared package wise. This report pertains to Package – II.  Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and DPR for 4/6 lane Divided carriageway of NH-17,Kannur to Kuttipuram in the State of Kerala (Package No. NHDP-III/DL5/13) PKG-II (Km. 230.00 to Km. 318.00)   Project Report  2 - 3 The stretch of project road passes through 2 districts of Kerala State.i)   District Kozhikode in Kerala state at chainage Km 230.00 to Km 261.900 andii)   District Mallapuram (Kerala State) at chainage km 261.900 to km 318.000.    Project Description Project Report  2 - 4 Index Map Present Status MOSRT&H is responsible for development and maintenance of NH-17, Kerala PWD(NH) is at present maintaining the stretch of the project road. 1.3.3 Salient Features Index map of the section of project road is shown in Fig. 1.1. The National Highwayhaving continuous ribbon development on both sides is functioning as an urban road. Topography The project road corridor runs through plain and rolling terrain in general except astretches of hilly terrain. A brief report about terrain with, design speed is tabulated below Table 1.1 . Table 1.1: Terrain Classification Sl. No. Type of Terrain Chainage (km 230.00 to km 318.000) 1 Plain km 230.00 to km 263.00 2 Rolling km 280.00 to km 318.003 Hilly km 263.00 to km 280.00 1.3.4 Existing Route (RoW)  The exiting RoW between Kozhikode - Kuttipuram varies widely at different locations,11.00 m to 20.00 m in general and also >30m to even 40m short stretches at Talappara(km 276.00), Randathani (km 297.00) and Kuttipuram near end of project, the RoW variesfrom 30m to 40m.  1.3.5 Existing Carriageway The project road in general has more than 7m carriageway with few reaches having 5m to6m carriageway. Paved shoulders have been provided at several locations. Dividedcarriageway exists only in small stretches at some urban areas. 1.4 QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN AND INCEPTION REPORT In accordance with para 10.2 of the TOR, the Quality Assurance Plan and the InceptionReport were submitted vide ICT:451:3309 dated 12.04.2006 and 4445 dated 06.05.2006respectively. 1.5 FUNDING OPTION This project is envisaged to be implemented on public private partnership (PPP) andviability on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) will be examined in detailed. 1.6 UTILITIES Several utilities like electric lines telephone / OFC, water line existing with in the ROW 1.7 BYPASSES   ã   Kozhikode bypass- km 231.000 to km 263.08 - 32.08 km long ã   Kottakkal - Edarikkode bypass- km 290.00 to km 294.50 – 4.50 km long ã   Valanchery bypass- km 306.700 to km 311.000 - 4.3000 km long.  7.8 CONCLUSIONS