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Sdlc, Business Continuity Plan (bcp), Reductionist And Holistic Approach.

SDLC, Business continuity plan (BCP), Difference between Spiral model and waterfall model of SDLC, Reductionist approach and Holistic approach in IT. Advantages of Reductionist approach over holis...




Surname1 Questions Course  Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Surname2 Question One A business continuity plan (BCP) is a system that ensures prevention of a system of business functionality by ealin! "ith potential threats# $he sta!es involve inclue analysis% solution esi!n% implementation% testin! an acceptance% an  maintenance# $he Business Impact sta!e inclues the use of &uestionnaires an other survey methos to conuct a "or'shop an complete a business impact analysis (BIA)# evie" the &uestionnaires an o a follo"up "ith the information !iven# $he solution esi!n ientifies resources re&uire base on BIA an conucts a !ap analysis eterminin! the !aps bet"een recovery nees an its current capabilities# $he implementation sta!e involves selectin! a recovery strate!y an implementin! it# $estin! $estin! an acceptance involve evelopin! a frame"or'% "ritin! a business continuity proceure an assemble a plan# It also nees a business to evelop a testin! e*ercise an conuct orientation e*ercises# $he maintenance sta!e ensures constant upatin! of the BCP an incorporates test learne from testin!# Question $"o $he +D,C moel I "ill use is the spiral moel# $he spiral moel has bro'en o"n its sta!es of evelopment into small pieces ma'in! it realistic to use in the evelopment of a bran application# It also involves the customer throu!hout each sta!e of evelopment# Its systematic approach "ith iterative frame"or' ensures chan!es can be mae alon! the "ay# $he +D,C I "ill re-ect is the "aterfall moel# Despite the fact that it.s easy to use an unerstan it oes not involve the customer hence oes not meet customer nees# Once you move to the ne*t sta!e of evelopment% you cannot revisit the previous step to chan!e anythin!% an that ma'es it har to revise or bac' trac'# Surname3 Question $hree  Net"or' response time is the amount of time neee for a transaction "ithin "ithin a system net"or' to  be complete# It can inclue infrastructures such as servers% stora!e% stora!e% an net"or'in!# $he lon!er the amount of time it ta'es for one transaction to be complete% the more it costs c osts the business hence losses in the company# Pac'et rops "ithin a net"or' cause slo" response time "hich lo"ers the business value throu!h elays# Data center uptime measures the amount of time a  business system is runnin! or online# /hen /hen uptime is hi!h% the response time is lo" inicatin!  positive feebac' from the system an the business value% but if the response time is hi!h then the uptime becomes lo"% an there are elays in the net"or'# Question 0our  $o hanle a collea!ue "ho has violate the ethics policy re!arin! information technolo!y% I "ill start "ith reain! the hanboo' so as to etermine "hich violation has been affecte# $his "ill also ma'e it easier for him or her to unerstan the conse&uences# Depenin! on "hether the violation is severe or mere% I "ill avise my co llea!ue to voluntarily report to the superiors re!arin! the violation so as to !et ahea of the problem# As I o have an obli!ation to the mana!ement% I "ill also !o alon! "ith my m y collea!ue e*plainin! the measure I too' to prevent any further violations in the system# If it "ere a case of o"nloain! files "ithout authori1ation% I "oul use fire"alls to bloc' the employee.s computer an monitor activity on his or her computer# Question 0ive In troubleshootin! an I$ problem% I "ill use a reuctionists approach as it brea's o"n a problem into smaller pieces then starts to hanle each piece at a time# 0or instance in an I$ problem that Surname4 involves a net"or' failure% I "ill start by controllin! one element "hich is connecte to the net"or' failure such as the patch cor cables an the router an s"itches in use# 2olistic approach focuses on the bi!!er pieces of the problem an solves a problem as one bi! important  piece rather a branch "ith many pieces# A scenario "ith an I$ issue involvin! servers failin! "ill not be "ellhanle by holistic approach as one has to etermine the server "hich has faile an chec' on its physical connection the !o to chec' the soft"are status#