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South Dakota Admission Of Service For Answer Form




STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA ) COUNTY OF _______________ :SS ) IN CIRCUIT COURT ________ JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ___________________________, Plaintiff, DIV _______ ADMISSION OF SERVICE OF ANSWER vs. ___________________________, Defendant (BY HAND DELIVERY) I, ____________________________________________________, the above-named Plaintiff, admit receiving a copy of the Answer in the above-captioned matter at: _________________________________________________ (city) _________________________________________________ (county) _________________________________________________ (state). This Admission merely acknowledges receipt of the papers; I do not admit or deny any of the statements contained in those papers. Dated this ________ day of ______________________, 20_______. ____________________________________ Signature of Plaintiff (Sign only in front of a notary or Clerk of Court) Sworn/affirmed before me this _______ day of ____________, 20___. _______________________________ (Notary Public/Clerk of Court) _______________________________ If notary, my commission expires (SEAL) Name: (Printed)_______________________ Address:____________________________ City/State/Zip:________________________ Telephone: (____)_____________________ Page 1 of 1 Form UJS-351 Rev. 02/2014