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Statement Of Purpose




STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I believe that without high qualifications and insightful knowledge, it is very difficult to compete with this fast moving world. If I do not advance, I will fall back. If I walk away from my challenge today, my self-esteem will forever be scarred, and if I cease to grow even a little, I will w ill become smaller. I reject the stationary position because it is always the  beginning of the end. This philosophy has played an important role in the shaping of my objectives and framing of my plans for the future. The only way I can stand out in a crowd is to get the best knowledge and best education from the best school in a well-advanced country. Therefore I am very keen to get the opportunity to pursue my higher education at a highly reputed university like yours. I am interested in doing MSc in Medical Image Computing. This will fulfill my urge to learn modern technology related to the field and add to my approach of handling difficult things in life. I completed my schooling from “Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly High School” which is an English medium school, well known in our area, scoring 80.53% in Secondary School Certificate (10th) Examination in the year 2004. I was rewarded for securing distinction in Mathematics, Science, Social Science and French language. Because of my merit, I got admission in G.N. Khalsa College in science stream, which is well known in Mumbai for  its education and extra-curricular activities. There I got basic knowledge of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I secured 86.33% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in my higher secondary certificate examination (10+2 pattern), 2006. That opened up doors for me to secure admission in the four year degree program of  Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Biomedical Engineering at the renowned Watumull Institute Institute of Electronic Electronicss Engineering Engineering and Computer Computer Technology Technology (WIEECT), (WIEECT), which is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. . I had chosen the field of Biomedical Engineering  because I was fascinated by the unique combination of Biology, Engineering and Life Sciences. This marked the beginning of one of the most important phases of learning in my life. This course took me a step closer towards fulfillment of my goal of delving deeper into the world of Biomedical. During my seven semesters so far at WIEECT, I have have come come a long long way way in broa broade deni ning ng my hori horizon zons. s. Afte Afterr lear learni ning ng the the basi basics cs of  engineering in the first two semesters (including computer languages like C and C++), I was able to build a solid foundation of Biomedical Equipment in the next four semesters. Other than core biomedical subjects like Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Electronic circuit and design, Micro-Processors and Micro-controllers, I have also studied subjects such as Principles of communication and Communication skills which helped me gain a firsthand understanding of managing various activities and resources in the  biomedical industries. I have always held the opinion that if you want to accomplish a task you should be sincerely dedicated towards it and I follow this in everything I do. The many projects I have worked on and activities activities I have performed performed in, I have learned learned that your outlook outlook and efforts matter almost as much as the talent you possess. My efficiency to work in a team was clearl clearly y reveal revealed ed from from the team team presen presentat tation ion on “Lie “Lie Detect Detectors ors”. ”. I have given seminars on SPECT, Filters used in X-rays, Anaesthesia Machine, Telemedicine and Telemetry Equipments, EEG etc during my undergraduate degree. This gave me an excellent excellent opportunity opportunity to interact interact with my professors professors and fellow students. I have worked as a trainee in “Draeger Medical Company” India, Mumbai branch for 22 weeks as a part of my course which gave me an invaluable experience and exposure to the real industrial world. I have worked on troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of the equipments like ventilators, Anaesthesia Machine, Patient Monitoring system etc. Presently I am working on ‘Rehabilitation Stimulator’ project for my final semester. I believe that physical and mental fitness goes hand in hand. While I am committed to academic excellence, my interests are not restricted because a well rounded personality is  pleasing and admirable. I have been ‘Best Girl Athlete’ for consecutive 2 years during my school days and won many district level medals. I had joined Guide group which gave me thrill thrilling ing experi experienc ences es like like rock rock climbi climbing, ng, trekki trekking ng and using using things things from from environment environment as emergency First-Aid. First-Aid. I have performed performed in a group dance and a stage act on the Annual Day of my present institute. I have also secured third place in the intracollege group dance competition. I have been a part of the girls’ cricket team that has secured 1st position from past 2 years. I believe that learning is a life-long process. Undertaking MSc will enhance my academic career and put me on a path to fulfill my goals. I am well aware that studying in UCL demands hard work, sincerity and punctuality for which I am physically and mentally equipped and ready for. The main reason for studying in UCL is that the standard of  education is very high and very well established particularly in the field of Biomedical Engineering. I am stubborn to pursue my MSc in U.K. as it will provide me with best education and   professional experience. My interest is mainly in Medical Imaging as I always had a   person personal al likin liking g toward towardss the relate related d subjec subjects ts in my underg undergrad raduat uatee course. course. Also Also the growing advancement and demand of Medical Imaging have encouraged me to pursue this course. I intend to gain firsthand knowledge and experience under the guidance of  your excellent and well-known faculty. This, I am sure will prepare me to face the chall challeng enges es thro thrown wn up by the the biom biomedi edica call indu indust stry ry,, whic which h in Indi Indiaa is grow growin ing g at a tremendous rate and offers me an excellent career prospect. Finally, I would like to say that with my desire to learn at every stage of life and good qualifications I would be able to face any difficulties and challenges in any part of the world world.. The The vene veneer er of civi civili lizat zatio ion n is uphel upheld d by refi refini ning ng one’s one’s mind mind thro throug ugh h high high qualifications and dedication towards work. This is why I wish to complete my education in the best possible way. And I look forward to the day when I come to your office and say Hello! to you. RIDDHI VIPUL RAJGOR